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Top 10 Honey Dos

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My ears perk up when Joan says, “I have an idea.” That usually means there is an important “Honey Do” just around the corner.
Joan is very energetic and likes to “Get-er done,” and whatever goes on her list is important to her. She often over works herself by doing things that strain her muscles; like moving a big desk by herself. I like to support her quest for balance in our home and avoid Joan getting hurt.
Similarly, one of my regular clients said his wife is “Number One.” He is very wise. She takes care of two children and their household. She definitely needs assistance on her “Honey Do” list to keep their home happy and balanced.
We know you, too, just like Joan, have heavy demands on your time. Most likely you work outside the home, and yet, you are responsible for the home upkeep and maintenance. And, because of that, I’ll bet your ever growing “Honey Do” list isn’t getting done.
Yet, we understand the list is still important to you and you still want it done.
Why not ask The Fix-It Professionals to be your “Honey” and handle those “Honey Dos” for you?

Maybe you don’t have a “honey” to do it, or they don’t have the time, inclination, or talent?

And, if you need, or want help, feel free to take advantage of our Get Your Honey Do List Done special offer.

The Fix-It Professionals


Do you want to make your honey happy?

Well, then maybe it’s time to get that honey do list done!
Here are the top 10 we see, again and again, on the Honey Do lists of our clients.

#10 Clean up that caulk. Who wants to shower or take a nice long soak with nasty caulk? Not your honey!
#9 Fix that ceiling fan. It does have a useful purpose after all — lighting and cooling. Put a smile on her face, one that you can actually see because the light finally works.


# 8 Hang those pictures, clothes hooks, towel bars, and shelves. Nothing makes honey more crabby than bare walls where she wants a nice painting, towels piled in a heap, or the toilet roll on the floor.
#7 Move that furniture. Honey likes a fresh, new perspective on living spaces. Does that require some muscle to move things around? You bet! More often than you can imagine.
#Freshen up that wall with a new coat of paint. Your honey really does see that wall of dings, scratched up base boards, and a color from an era gone by!
#5 Replace those burned out bulbs and worn out batteries in the smoke detectors. I’m sure you agree, safety is important. That means proper lighting and alarms that work.

#4 Stop the leaks. Nothing more irritating to honey than a constantly dripping faucet or toilet that flushes on its own.
#3 Fix that window. And, while you’re at it, clean them, too!


#2 Repair those screens. Spring is on its way after all. Wouldn’t honey be happy to have a ‘bug free’ home?
And, one of the most common honey do’s …

#1  Clean up the garage. Or, maybe another area your honey sees as your clutter.
Any of these sound familiar to you?

Are you experiencing one of the top 10?

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Joan, John & grandson Everest

I have to brag, not obnoxiously so, about my Lion’s club, Diablo Valley Lions. We hosted yet another successful and wonderful crab feed fundraiser on January 13th. Many thanks goes to our fearless leader, President Terri Carson, who I lovingly call ‘Madame President!’
It does take the dedicated support and energy of all the club members, of which I am so proud. They willingly pull together to contribute to the success of this event each year and the success of our continued fundraising. All the funds that are raised from this event go back into the community.
Our theme this year was Disney. Many of the over three hundred attendees competed to win the best decorated table contest. Sadly, my table didn’t win!
Many thanks to the crab feed committee leader, Ed Cossart & his family, along with his dedicated team. Just to name a few — John Bates, the entire Strong family, Dave Larson, the Desmond family, the Putney family, and many more club and family members.
I believe the continued success of this event is that the club has a “Do and Learn” process. We learn more every year, from what worked or what didn’t, to improve upon it the following year. We notice things that would make it flow better, about how to time the needed tasks for the event, and what to add or take away for next year.

As I thought of this process, it reminded me of the tasks a client went through, for her leaky toilet. She saw water on the floor and called a plumber to replace the wax seal. That was a wonderful first step. However, she was still seeing a small about of water on the floor, so she asked me to check it out. I was able to tighten the toilet tank bolts to stop the leak. Just like the Lion’s crab feed “Do and Learn” process, she learned at each step of the repair.
You might notice that leaky toilets, or those that flush on their own, is #10 on The Fix-It Professionals Top 10 Most Common Home Maintenance Problems. Just like my client, maybe you, too, are experiencing a dripping toilet or one of the other top 10.
You are welcome to take advantage of our special offer if you need our help.


What are the top 10 most common home maintenance problems?

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It is hard to believe the holidays are over and we are now into 2018. It seems like just yesterday we helped clients put up their holiday lights. And now, it is time to pack up and put it all away.

Where did the time go?
Fortunately, we were able to take some much needed vacation time at year end, the last 10 days of December 2017. It was so refreshing — lots of rest and recuperation. No alarm clocks, out to breakfast each day, gatherings with friends and family, and a wonderful Christmas eve playing board games with daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.
This year our Christmas gift to our grandson was made even more fun with an invented treasure hunt — a hunt for him to find his Christmas gift. The treasure hunt began with him having to kiss each of us — the clever hint to where the first clue was located. He quickly figured out that it was by the bowl of chocolate kisses. From there the hunt went from location to location to the next written clue. And, at the end, the big prize — his new skate board.
Out the door he was in a flash, with us all in tow. He found out fairly quickly it wasn’t as easy as it looked. His mom and dad had to show him the tricks to riding it safely.
So, now we are on to 2018, and as we looked back at our 2017, we thought it would be fun (or at least helpful) to share some top 10 lists. You know, like the comedian Dave Letterman used to do on his show?! Don’t hold it against us if we aren’t as funny as him!
This month we look back at The Fix-It Professionals  Top 10 Most Common Home Maintenance Problems. These were the ones we found were experienced by most home owners.
Enjoy the top 10 and let us know if we may assist you with any of these most common problem areas. You are welcome to take advantage of our special offer if you need our help.

The Fix-It Professionals




#10 Your toilet has a mind of its own — In the middle of the night it flushes itself.
#9 Your ceiling fan stopped running for no apparent reason. Maybe it just got tired of spinning round and round?
#8 You have books and stuff everywhere and no place to put it all. You’re convinced they breed when you’re not looking!
#7 You need more storage space and shelves. Where is that storage genie when you need him?
#6 Your door opens by itself when you swear you latched it. Could it be you left it open? You know that you didn’t!
#5 You have no electricity in the bathrooms. Please tell me this is an easy fix.
#4 You could have sworn you plugged that cord into the outlet. What’s it doing on the floor?
#3 Your sink stopped draining and appears to be growing mold and hair. Could it be the scary sewer monster has come for a visit?
#2 Your gutters are overflowing. You wonder when you planted that lovely garden of weeds up there?
And, one of the most common …

 You can’t hang a picture or a shelf without it falling off the wall. And, if you do, you must cock your head slightly to insure it looks straight. Is that vertigo you’re experiencing?
Any of these sound familiar to you?
Want our help? Let us know!



That Special Someone — Let Us Be Your Secret Santa

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The holidays … that time of year we ponder, search, and rush about to find the perfect gift for that special someone. For my client, the gift of “gutter cleaning” for her hubby was just that! Not only did she take away her fears for her husband’s safety — can you say rickety ladder? — but the early Christmas present was much appreciated by him.
You see, they have large redwood trees all around their property and their gutters were full. Gutter cleaning a chore that had to be done frequently. And, he gladly accepted the gift that I would be the one on the ladder this year!
It’s ironic that sometimes the gift we give is just perfect for that special someone in our lives and maybe not so much for others. For me, a great gift would be something practical — I do value practical gifts. Give me manure and I’ll fertilize the garden. I am very special that way, ha, ha, ha.
What are you thinking to give to your special someone in your life? Would you like to see them sit back and relax? Maybe give over the ladders and gutter cleaning to someone else?
We would be happy to be your secret Santa this year!

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