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What are the top 10 most common home maintenance problems?

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It is hard to believe the holidays are over and we are now into 2018. It seems like just yesterday we helped clients put up their holiday lights. And now, it is time to pack up and put it all away.

Where did the time go?
Fortunately, we were able to take some much needed vacation time at year end, the last 10 days of December 2017. It was so refreshing — lots of rest and recuperation. No alarm clocks, out to breakfast each day, gatherings with friends and family, and a wonderful Christmas eve playing board games with daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.
This year our Christmas gift to our grandson was made even more fun with an invented treasure hunt — a hunt for him to find his Christmas gift. The treasure hunt began with him having to kiss each of us — the clever hint to where the first clue was located. He quickly figured out that it was by the bowl of chocolate kisses. From there the hunt went from location to location to the next written clue. And, at the end, the big prize — his new skate board.
Out the door he was in a flash, with us all in tow. He found out fairly quickly it wasn’t as easy as it looked. His mom and dad had to show him the tricks to riding it safely.
So, now we are on to 2018, and as we looked back at our 2017, we thought it would be fun (or at least helpful) to share some top 10 lists. You know, like the comedian Dave Letterman used to do on his show?! Don’t hold it against us if we aren’t as funny as him!
This month we look back at The Fix-It Professionals  Top 10 Most Common Home Maintenance Problems. These were the ones we found were experienced by most home owners.
Enjoy the top 10 and let us know if we may assist you with any of these most common problem areas. You are welcome to take advantage of our special offer if you need our help.

The Fix-It Professionals




#10 Your toilet has a mind of its own — In the middle of the night it flushes itself.
#9 Your ceiling fan stopped running for no apparent reason. Maybe it just got tired of spinning round and round?
#8 You have books and stuff everywhere and no place to put it all. You’re convinced they breed when you’re not looking!
#7 You need more storage space and shelves. Where is that storage genie when you need him?
#6 Your door opens by itself when you swear you latched it. Could it be you left it open? You know that you didn’t!
#5 You have no electricity in the bathrooms. Please tell me this is an easy fix.
#4 You could have sworn you plugged that cord into the outlet. What’s it doing on the floor?
#3 Your sink stopped draining and appears to be growing mold and hair. Could it be the scary sewer monster has come for a visit?
#2 Your gutters are overflowing. You wonder when you planted that lovely garden of weeds up there?
And, one of the most common …

 You can’t hang a picture or a shelf without it falling off the wall. And, if you do, you must cock your head slightly to insure it looks straight. Is that vertigo you’re experiencing?
Any of these sound familiar to you?
Want our help? Let us know!


That Special Someone — Let Us Be Your Secret Santa

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The holidays … that time of year we ponder, search, and rush about to find the perfect gift for that special someone. For my client, the gift of “gutter cleaning” for her hubby was just that! Not only did she take away her fears for her husband’s safety — can you say rickety ladder? — but the early Christmas present was much appreciated by him.
You see, they have large redwood trees all around their property and their gutters were full. Gutter cleaning a chore that had to be done frequently. And, he gladly accepted the gift that I would be the one on the ladder this year!
It’s ironic that sometimes the gift we give is just perfect for that special someone in our lives and maybe not so much for others. For me, a great gift would be something practical — I do value practical gifts. Give me manure and I’ll fertilize the garden. I am very special that way, ha, ha, ha.
What are you thinking to give to your special someone in your life? Would you like to see them sit back and relax? Maybe give over the ladders and gutter cleaning to someone else?
We would be happy to be your secret Santa this year!

A time of gratitude and celebrations

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Our November has been full with celebrations, thankfulness and gratitude.
One of those celebrations was my mother-in-law Barbara’s 90th birthday. The whole family was together; her son, his wife and family from Washington state, our daughter and her family from Dublin, CA, and Joan and I from Pittsburg, CA, along with other dear friends of hers. We all gathered for lunch in Auburn, where she lives. She is such a special person and we were honored to celebrate her 90 years on the planet.
For her birthday cake, Mom picked chocolate with whipped cream frosting and raspberry filling. After all, chocolate is her favorite and she knows what she likes! We even gave her an extra piece of cake to be sure she had plenty of the delicious raspberry filling.
Each year, Mom and I share birthday celebrations, mine falling only two days after hers. Over the years it has been great fun to observe our special days with each other.
This year, for my birthday, Joan and I (along with our aging dog Lexi) are traveling to Corte Madera to one of our most favorite bookstores, Book Passages. We love to browse for a new book, eat a meal there, and people watch while we enjoy our new books. Book Passages has a patio that we can share with our dog Lexi, as we talk with each other about our book selections and other aspects of life.
From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy this holiday season in whatever way is joyous for you.
We know it is a busy, and often stressful time, so if you should need a helping hand, please let us know.
Thank you to all who are our family, friends, newsletter readers, and clients. We appreciate you.

Are you ready for the upcoming holidays?

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I always associate Halloween with daylight savings time. We turn back the clocks and get one extra hour of sleep. This also reminds me to replace the smoke alarm batteries throughout the house. Sort of like a reminder string on your finger!
Now that Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving and other seasonal holidays are fast approaching. With that, there are many preparations to keep in mind. Here are a few we tend to do — clean the gutters, test outdoor outlets for Christmas lights and bring patio furniture in before the rainThat way we are all set for any of the holiday decorating we will do. 
One thing we don’t need to change, at the moment, are the pumpkins we put out for Halloween — They fit right in for the Thanksgiving holiday.
How can we help your upcoming holidays be more fun and less maintenance for you? Just give us a call if you need a helping hand.