Monday, October 23, 2017


 Special Retainer Offer for October


“Natural Disaster Preparedness”



Is it time to make sure your homes is secure for a natural disaster? 

Let us help you prepare
Hire The Fix-It Professionals to 
Get It Done for You!
After all, wouldn’t you rather be doing something else besides home maintenance and repairs? 

Call (925) 432-7570 or


Use our retainer rates and get our very best price.

Some of you have asked … “What do you mean by retainer?” Here’s a brief description: The retainer fee is paid in advance. Use the hours whenever you need them. All at once, or one-hour at a time. The retainer offer gives you a discount on regular handyman service. We offer 5, 7 and 10 hour retainers. JUST ASK!

Click here to get the retainer document

(Note: Only handyman services are included in our retainer offer, electrical is not.)

Offer Expires: October 31, 2017