Saturday, January 20, 2018


 Special Retainer Offer for January


“Most Common Home Maintenance Problems”
Does your home need a few maintenance problems fixed? 

Gutters cleaned?
Toilets in good working order?
Burned out light bulbs replaced?
Floors slip and fall proof?
Smoke detector check?
Cabinet tune up?
Garbage disposal in good working order?
Let us help you prepare …
Hire The Fix-It Professionals to 
Get It Done for You!
After all, wouldn’t you rather be working on your new year’s resolutions (s) than fix-it- projects?  

Call (925) 432-7570 or


Use our retainer rates and get our very best price.

Some of you have asked … “What do you mean by retainer?” Here’s a brief description: The retainer fee is paid in advance. Use the hours whenever you need them. All at once, or one-hour at a time. The retainer offer gives you a discount on regular handyman service. We offer 5, 7 and 10 hour retainers. JUST ASK!

Click here to get the retainer document

(Note: Only handyman services are included in our retainer offer, electrical is not.)

Offer Expires: January 31, 2018