Saturday, January 20, 2018


The pavers that John put in our front walk made all the difference in the world to our courtyard area. Having such a nice walkway entrance encouraged us to find pieces that we have wanted for years for this area. Yesterday, we came home, as we walked through the entrance to our front door, we felt the most incredible peaceful and calm energy in that area, that’s even without our new water unit hooked up yet. We are so grateful for John for his quick and accurate work. What a difference it has made.

Connie & Paul
Walnut Creek, CA

I just have to share my experience with
The Fix-It Professionals! Joan expertly                
organized the job at my house with minimal effort on my part.
I had a list of small but important things that needed to be done. John came out within days with my list, reviewed it with me and made sure I had everything that I should have for the jobs, (i.e.: matching grout and the tile pieces that needed to be replaced (for the 2nd time!), the 2 towel bars that needed to be installed, and the paint that was to be touched up (because the last guy did not do as good a job as I wanted). Once everything was clarified, John went to work, and we went to Tucson.

I felt so comfortable with both Joan and John that we could go off on our trip with our minds set at ease that all was well with the Fix-It Professionals. They did the job and were both very professional! Everyone should jot down their phone number and keep it handy.

Pj Overholt
Healing Touch by Pj Overholt
(925) 837-3109

I could not get someone to come and see what I wanted done in my home. I asked God, and he sent my Guardian Angel to me, John Silva, who fixed my gate, removed a cabinet, took down a dirty fan and put up a new fan. My cats Koko and Sweet Pea had a lovely time dashing from window to window looking for him while he was working (in the rain!) on the gate. John is always willing to help and do what I need done in a reasonable amount of time. My cats loved him! The Fix-It Professionals were really there for me when I needed them.

Carol Adams San Lorenzo, CA

It was late at night, my two little sons were in bed, and my wife was doing laundry for the next work day. I was patiently waiting to take my shower, and noticed a gushing sound coming from the garage. As I stepped out there, the entire garage was flooded; the water heater had failed and I was in a panic, heading for a deep depression. We had no money to replace something as critical as this; in fact I had to turn off the water to the entire house because there was no way to stop the flood. What were we going to do? Move out until we could afford to replace it? We have two small children and could not live without water! Then I thought of John Silva, our neighbor, who was friendly, caring and attentive. I asked for his help and John came over, late in the evening. He saved us from having to move out of our house since we had no water. It was not a replacement of the whole thing, only a simple part costing $15 and a bit of work to clean up the valves. The Fix-It Professionals were a Godsend. Not only did they solve our problem but they did it with caring, courteousness, politeness and understanding. I was totally at wits end what to do with THE GREAT FLOOD & The Fix-It Professionals took care of it! We are forever grateful for their help!

Danny & Krista Humann Pittsburg, CA

Being wheelchair bound, I was trapped in my home, and there was no way my wife could help me down the steps to get out of the house. John made me a ramp, so I could get out of the house and to the store, or doctor. John is one of the nicest persons that I have ever had work for me. Not only did he do a beautiful job on my ramp, he did it for a very good price. He truly was trying to help me. Thanks to John I am free to come and go in and out of the house by myself.

Bert Bruno Pittsburg, CA

John and Joan have helped me to be much more at ease about what to focus on, because of how they worked with me. The obstacles of knowing which repairs to do first, given our very limited budget and situation seemed overwhelming until they stepped in and got involved with helping me find solutions. Organizing my thoughts about 10 years worth of delayed fix-it projects was easier with John and Joan’s assistance. Thank you to The Fix-It Professionals!

Kathryn Tournat Pleasanton, CA

The Fix-It Professionals, what a discovery!

I am an organized person, who does not procrastinate. Continually, looking at a project that NEEDS to be fixed drives me crazy. In the past if I can fix it, I generally do. There are times, when I am unable to do so myself. The Fix-It Professionals are perfect for those ‘projects’ requiring more strength, understanding, or ability than you possess.

Joan and John are a fantastic team. My projects were thoroughly evaluated over the phone, an appointment was conveniently set-up, and John appeared, on time, ready to go. They were a pleasure to work with. It was such a simple process! Next time, I will definitely think twice about ‘doing it myself’. Thank you Joan and John!

Lori Brandes
Time 4 Order- Professional Organizing
(925) 846-8476