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The Weather Outside Isn’t Frightful – Yet!

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jackolantern, John Sliva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsIt’s about this time of year that we’re well into preparing for little spooks, goblins and ghosties.  While handing out all of that candy is dandy (unless you don’t like Tricks or Treats), we’re also well into the season for winterizing your home.
Now is the best time to give your home those last minute winter treats, so you’re not tricked during winter!  Here are four tips for keeping that frightful winter weather outside and the ‘warm’ inside!
Tip No. 1: Heating System Tune-up
It’s time to call for a professional inspection of your furnace system.  A well tuned furnace will not only save you money in energy costs, but is safer too.  By calling a professional now to inspect your furnace, you won’t be at the end of a long line of other homeowners who also had this idea!  This inspection protects you from more than just high energy bills and fires. Because homes are so well insulated and sealed, carbon monoxide is a danger if your furnace is not running properly.  That’s the kind of trick you DON’T want.  And speaking of carbon monoxide and smoke…

Tip No. 2:  Check your alarms and detectors
Most of us think to check the battery on the smoke detector when Daylight Savings begins and ends. This is also a great time to test Fire detector, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionalsyour carbon monoxide detector (or install one if you don’t have one).  As mentioned earlier, it’s more important than ever for your safety to have the proper detectors installed and working. If you have other kinds of alarms, test those too.  Better safe than sorry!
Tip No. 3: Reverse your ceiling fan blades
Did you know that those fan blades can keep you warm too? In summer fans draw the heat upward to keep you cool. By adjusting the blades from their summer position, your fan will push warm air downward. This simple adjustment is a surprisingly little known way to help you feel warm and toasty in the winter. Who knew?
Tip No. 3: Add extensions to downspouts
The last thing you want is a flood of water around your foundation during a big winter storm. Consider adding extensions to your downspouts to direct the water away from your home. This simple fix will help keep moisture out and also discourage the scariest spooks of all…termites.
 Rainboots, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsBonus Tip:  Remember to pay attention to the rain.
Your sprinklers have served the garden well, all summer long, but now is the time to think about setting them for winter.  UC Davis offers a nifty watering guide here.
In addition to our other suggestions and tips this month, conserving water in the winter is another way to keep your money from mysteriously disappearing.
Need help winterizing your home? Maybe your ceiling fan is so high you don’t feel comfortable adjusting those blades. Do downspout extensions seem like a good idea but too much work?  We’re here to help! 

Read on for our October “Winterize Your Home Special.”

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