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The Hot Trends for 2010!

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Is it important to keep up?

I must admit that I tend to fight the whole idea of keeping up with the latest trend, especially when that which is cool, trendy and acceptable changes every year! It seems that you no sooner get the hottest new trend going and within a very short time, you are out of date once again.

So, is it important to keep up with the trends?

For many of us, the answer may be no. However, for those of us who desire to keep our homes in salable and livable condition, the answer is yes. You don’t have to go away from you comfort zone; just keep in mind that an updated home is a comfortable one! If you get too at ease with the sameness of your environment, before you know it the change is so drastic that the cost is exorbitant or just plain uncomfortable. It is far more cost effective and wise to keep your home updated and in good repair along the way, than to delay upkeep.

With that in mind, here are a few of the hottest trends for 2010 for you to consider embracing.

It’s All About the Kitchen!
Three of the five home trends, according to “Five Home Trends for 2010“(Mar 27 2009) is all about the kitchen. It seems that we Americans are spending more and more time at home, living in the kitchen more than ever. We want our kitchens to have a second life, a new look as a second living room. We want this multi-purpose room to be homey with a relaxed ambiance. The trend is to have our kitchens be more ‘green,’ as well as providing a fun space to prepare food in a people-friendly zone, often replacing the family room for the most used space.

Fixtures & Appliances That Make Life Easier!
“The reason is simple: As the Baby Boomer generation retires in record numbers, more and more are seeking bathroom and kitchen designs and redesigns that contain fixtures and appliances that will make their lives easier as they enter their golden years.” (Universal Design: Home Decor & Design Trends 2010). This ease of use is spreading throughout the entire population, not just us boomers!

Make Your Home Look More Like Grandma’s!
Wallet-friendly home trends is all the rage, using ‘shabby chic’ flea market decorating and enhancements. Finding a way to live within your means versus borrowing on the home loan or credit is the motivation for this big trend.

Energy Efficiency, Minimalism and Engineered Products!
In combination with living within your means is the American desire to live ‘green,’ using fewer resources to acquire a beautiful, practical and useful home. No need to be wasteful, extravagant or uneconomical to have the home of your imagination.

Add More Light!
It seems that many of us are craving more light in our homes and will be replacing or adding new windows this year. We want to brighten things up, along with adding energy efficiency.

New Colors for 2010!
“Color forecasters say the hot colors for 2010 include bright or warm yellows, lavenders – particularly for bedrooms, and slate or charcoal grays to replace tan and beige tones as popular neutrals.” (Pella Pressroom Design Trends for 2010). The trend is to choose livelier colors to reflect the optimism for a brighter future and highlighting our individual approach to home decorating.

Whatever the trend, we encourage you to embrace those ideas, trends and concepts which make your home feel good to you. No matter what, it is about your comfort, not someone else’s!

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