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Start Your Fall Maintenance To Do List

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Every homeowner should have a maintenance To Do List! If you don’t already have one, now is a great time to walk around with some note paper (or your smart phone) and start one. Write down obvious problems, and things you can do now to prevent bigger problems down the road. Use these autumn check list ideas to get you started.

Windows, The Fix-It Professionals, John SilvaWindows and Doors
The summer heat and sun can really do a number on caulking and weatherstripping, making it crack and shrink. Check around your window and door frames for problems in this area. Another problem that our hot and dry summers cause is the drying out of lubricants in hinges and aluminum frame window channels, making them squeak or squeal. Sometimes in summer the kids can get a bit wild outdoors with their toys and even pellet guns, so it’s time to walk around and check for damaged window glass, too.

 Basements or Garages
Like your doors and windows, you should check for and seal cracks and leaks in the walls and floor. Make sure your HVAC filters and vents are clean. Test, clean, and lubricate your sump pump, if you have one, or check on the condition of your French drains.

 Water Heater
This should always be done, no matter what the season: Make sure that your earthquake strapping is secure, and that you have an overflow tray and other safety features working properly. Insulate the outside of the tank if you haven’t already, and if you have, check your old insulation for any pest nests.

Porch, Patio and Deck
You know that one screw that doesn’t seem to want to stay down? Now’s the time to make a note of that pesky thing before it catches someone’s shoe. It might also indicate a rotten board or deck joist that won’t hold a screw anymore, so take a hammer and test the wood of your deck above and below. You can tell if they’re good or bad by listening to them when tapped. Mark the boards that need replacing. You can do this for your exposed porch beams too.

Exterior Wallspaint colors, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals
Armed with your trusty rot-finding hammer, you’ll want to check your wooden siding in the same way as your deck. If you have other siding (like vinyl), check if any of it is missing or loose. Note if your paint needs spot touch-ups, and look for areas that may need a shot of caulk. You may even want to take advantage of the remaining warm and dry period to paint the whole thing with a fresh coat to protect your house from that crazy El Niño winter that might be coming!  

Let The Fix-It Professionals come to the rescue! If your check list just seems to get longer and longer, let us help you get your fall maintenance chores under control before the weather turns. We can replace a cracked window, or replace your whole deck! Just give us a call.

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