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Space is Space and Stuff is Stuff

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  You Can’t Have Both
        – Or Can You?         

So you’ve de-cluttered every inch of your home…and there’s still too much stuff for your space. Now What?

Well, as Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it. What does that have to do with storage? It’s time to think outside the box- literally! Here are a few unusual storage ideas that you might not have thought of that might help solve that storage problem. For more, you can search “unusual storage” on the internet and find even more (There are some great visuals on Pinterest)!
For the Kitchen:
Metal magazine holders make great small can storage in the  pantry. Store them on their sides (like you see in some grocery store displays) for maximum use of space. The same idea applies to refrigerator soda can storage racks. Release them from their soda bondage and put them into service in the pantry for those standard soup cans
And while you’re in there, consider the humble broom mount. It holds brooms which are about the same diameter as…. plastic spice bottles. Mount these on the inside of your pantry door and your spices won’t be taking up precious shelf space.
Aren’t pot lids a pain? Well no more! Hang curtain rods on the insides of your cabinet doors and presto! Instant lid storage.
For the Bedroom:
Doesn’t it seem like everything gets stashed in here? There are some sneaky places you can store the lighter items. Consider bungee cords strung along the ceiling of your closet! You can slip wrapping paper tubes (or other light flat items) up here. Because they don’t weigh much, getting them down isn’t a safety hazard and they are out of the way!
Ladies: Too many earrings for your jewelry box? Consider a decorative metal radiator cover from the hardware store. Just attach it to your wall and hand those beautiful earrings in plain sight!
And what about all of those shoes? The answer: PVC Pipe! Purchase in a diameter large enough to hold at least one shoe. Cut into one foot or one and one half foot sections. Glue them together to make a tower. Then paint! Voila! A custom shoe tower!

The Bathroom:
Is your Bathroom ‘itty bitty’? Have no fear! Start with a wire bin from the stationary story. This is the kind that would be large enough to store a few hanging file folders. Affix it to the side of your vanity, next to the sink and it can store your hair dryer. Got headbands? Paint an oatmeal container any color. Attach to a wooden pedestal for height if you like. Stretch headbands around the outside and store your hairbrush inside.
Consider using inexpensive square baskets, attached to the walls by their bottoms, as shelves or cubbies to store rolled towels. Under the sink, attach a bar horizontally and hang your spray cleaner bottles over it by the handle (this would work in the kitchen too).
There’s no end to what a little ingenuity (and an internet search) will do for your storage problems. Space may be space and stuff may be stuff, but now you have some ideas for how you really can have both. It just takes thinking a little differently!

OK so now you have a million ideas all running around inside your head. Now there’s that little problem of execution! Not to worry! At The Fix-It Professionals we’re experts at taking your storage solution ideas and helping you make them happen. Read on for our March Special so YOU can have both space and stuff – cleverly stored – at a great price.

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