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Organizing the Outdoors

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Storing Need Not Be Boring!

Have you worn yourself out yet with your spring cleaning activities? If you’ve been busy cleaning, planting, and tidying up your patio, you’ve probably realized how badly you need outdoor storage space! It’s so much easier to keep an area clean and manageable when you can hide certain items away…and know they’ll still be handy when you need them!

Depending upon your outdoor space and budget, you might consider building or purchasing a storage shed, a decorative garden bench with storage under the seat, or even a large storage container (such as those manufactured by Rubbermaid, for example), which can also be used as a bench.  These items have become much more appealing and decorative, and can be a lovely addition to your outdoor environment.

If you opt for a storage shed, you will have numerous options in style, material, design and price.  Choose your materials carefully for durability based on your specific climate. Once you’ve determined the appropriate location and installed your shed, you’ll have the ability to add multiple storage shelves and containers for your many needs.

An outdoor storage shed is perfect for:

  • garden tools and machinery that need protection from the elements, particularly if you don’t have a garage or covered carport
  • a planting/potting area, if you have a workbench or work table, where you can pot all of your plants without stooping
  • working on craft projects and storing all of your supplies
  • use as a small workshop for smaller projects and tools
  • just plain old storage space for items that won’t fit in your home!

If a workspace/workshop is your intent, make sure you’ve planned for electricity to the unit.

For simpler and less expensive options, purchasing or building a garden bench with storage under the seat is a great choice.  There are many kits to be found on-line if you like DIY projects.  If you are a container gardener, you’ll find that a storage bench or storage container is the perfect solution for the few garden tools you’ve collected.  Additionally, these benches and containers are excellent for storing all of your pool cleaning tools and toys, dog toys, and patio cushions, to name a few.

After making so many nice improvements to your outdoor space, it would be a crime not to be able to organize and hide away some of those necessary items that don’t need to be seen.

Good luck with your organizing!

We’ve heard some pretty interesting uses of outdoor storage sheds!  Do you have a good one to share, that we can post?  Send it to us at info@thefixitprofessionals.com, and we’ll print the best ones in a future issue!

Not up to building it or organizing it yourself? Check out our Special Offer for the month of May HERE. If you would like help cleaning up, organizing, building of sheds or benches, or other outdoor projects, just ask The Fix-It Professionals.


2 Responses to “Organizing the Outdoors”
  1. Dean Cullon says:

    Creative post here. Storing sometimes really turns into a boring task but if we can do it creatively it can be fun. Thanks for sharing this idea. I like the bench example .. 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Dean. Glad you enjoyed the suggestions. Creative ideas are so helpful, especially when we wish to do it ourselves!

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