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Modern Times – Modern Methods

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Modern Times – Modern Methods


Tried and True versus New

There is an old proverb, supposedly Chinese in origin, that was said to be a curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Well, we certainly do! The last 60 years has been profoundly full of technological change, and modern marvels. Whether you live on the Steppes of Russia, (as these ladies do in this photo to the left might!) downtown Manhattan or suburban California, you are aware of, and probably use daily, all sorts of modern gizmos and labor saving devices!Yet,do you find your home reflects modern times or maybe more ancient ones? Do you prefer the tried and true, or are you loving the new technology?

These are key questions to ask yourself ~ Does my home reflect my preferences in modern safety, design and comfort? Or is my decor outdated and unsuited to my lifestyle?

There ARE answers! Loving antiques and the soft patinas of past ages is not at issue here. What we’d like to focus on is making your home more reflective of you – livable, comfortable and desirable, inside and out. Yet, safety as we age, and as our homes age, is a key factor often overlooked. Whether you want modernistic, old world comfort, or art deco, there are a few things to consider when planning to freshen up, update and modernize your home.

  1. Are your windows or doors easy to open?
  2. Do you have poor lighting, especially in crucial areas like the bathrooms and kitchen?
  3. Are your floors safe to navigate, or do your floors have loose rugs, irregular floors and other tripping hazards?
  4. Are your tubs and showers easy to use, with comfortable access?
  5. Are your stairs (indoors or outdoors) made up of risers (width or height) that are easy to navigate?
  6. Are your appliances well placed, and easy to use?
  7. Do your rooms have a pleasant, easy layout, making them all the more usable?

With the methods and techniques now available to us, we can make improvements that help make our homes all they can be, without sacrificing our tried-and-true comforts. For example, newer technology in light bulbs makes it easier to be green AND safe at the same time. Home-sized Halogen, LED and CFL bulbs have incredibly long lives, and provide lighting that is easier on the eyes while providing less distorted vision. Battery and solar lighting makes it safer to light outside stairs, walkways and garden paths. So even if you love the ambiance of times gone by in your decor, you can display and use your special things safely and inexpensively.

What about color? Is your home lacking it, all white or someone elses pick? If so, then another way to personalize or modernize can include the use of safe, green paint products to revitalize your rooms. Lead paints, used in the past, were horribly unsafe, and some paints from the 60’s and 70’s were thought to put off a gas residue for four years or so! You can buy paint today that does not put off noxious odors when used and that comes in an array of colors and hues. Is it time to freshen up your rooms with new paint and trim? Without replacing furniture or fixtures, you can create a new look for the holidays!

Owning a home, or even renting one, is extremely personal. Don’t live another minute tolerating a home environment that is not reflective of YOU! If you are a modern gal, then be sure your home reflects the modern woman that you are. Do not live with old furniture, outdated rugs, grandma’s hand-me-downs, broken things or delayed maintenance. A modern woman, after all, would not walk out of the house looking like that. So, why should your home be any different?

Here’s hoping that you continue to “live in interesting times” and be sure to get that makeover right away … of your home that is!

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