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Improving the Basics

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Improving the Basics

Screening Options for Your Home

Window screens are such a basic part of our homes, we don’t give them much thought. We like fresh air and we want to keep out insects–and the benefits end there. Or do they? Here are a few more:

Pest Control: Already mentioned above, this is the most obvious reason for screening our windows and doors.  We are accustomed to standard window screens made of mesh woven into a grid pattern, in a variety of colors. Did you know that there are a variety of mesh grid sizes available as well (referring to size of the holes)? It is possible to screen out the tiniest of pests based on the choices you make.

Security: Security window screens, made of coated steel or heavy gauge aluminum, provide great protection over the usual fiberglass or aluminum material. They cannot easily be cut or forced for entry. They also protect against flying objects such as rocks and golf balls. For extra security, these screens can be ordered (through a security company) with detection wires interwoven into the mesh, and tied into your home alarm system. If an intruder tries to cut through the screen or pry it out, an alarm is set off.

Lighting Control: Window screens offer differing levels of light control, depending upon the tightness of the weave and material used. You have options for the degree of lighting you want and need for each room in your house (e.g. more light in the kitchen and less in an entertainment room).

Energy Efficiency: Solar screens for the outside of your windows and solar shades for the inside are specially designed to help keep out excessive solar heat. Reducing the temperature within your house can reduce your use of air conditioning and fans, which can reduce your energy bill. Solar screens are also called sunscreens, and are widely used in the warmer western regions of the US. They reduce heat transfer by blocking 80-90% of the sun’s harmful rays from entering your home.

Other uses for screens:

• Window screens are also appropriate for patios and porches, another place you’ll want to enjoy fresh air without annoying bugs. While these screens can be a permanent fixture, investigate patio roll-up screens as another option.
Retractable screens are a wonderful option over traditional screen doors for your entry/exit doors and sliding glass doors.
• To keep out debris, consider building a frame and mesh pool cage over your pool.
• Framed window screens are also good for a greenhouse, allowing your plants to receive sunlight while protecting them from harmful bugs.

Making sure your home is properly screened takes you “back to the basics,” but now your options are greater than they’ve ever been, with colors to match your home and differing mesh grid sizes.  Customize your home to meet your own personal needs and tastes!

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