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Do You Need to Perk Up Your Potty?

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Does purpose take precedence over looks in your bathroom?

The title of this may be somewhat silly yet we are not fooling here when we talk about the sometimes overwhelming need to keep our bathroom(s) updated and attractive, as well as fully functional!

Even more than our kitchen, our bathroom is the room in our home that purpose takes precedence over looks. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever walked into your bathroom, and thought “Wow. I really hate that mirror” yet you don’t follow through on the thought? Alternatively, having thought about the mirror, do you continue thinking, and you realize that the counter top and sink are stained and outdated, the bathtub or shower distasteful, and the flooring outmoded? It all becomes overwhelming, and it is easier to just brush the thoughts aside, and let the dissatisfaction with the bathroom slide. Yet again!!

We often postpone remodeling or updating a bathroom because of the time, money and inconvenience involved in dealing with it. Nevertheless, with a fresh perspective and an open mind, we can find ways to improve and re-purpose our bathrooms without breaking the bank, or driving ourselves crazy. For example, did you know that in Contra Costa County, you can get a voucher for a new water-saving toilet? Residential High-Efficiency $175 Toilet Vouchers are being offered to help you save water and money. If you are not in Contra Costa County, DO check with your county or city for similar rebates, as water districts are becoming more aware of the need to conserve water in homes, as well as in businesses and schools. (P.S. The fish-tank-toilet shown above is not available on the rebate!)

Other ways to perk up a bathroom without hefty cost is to re-evaluate the individual segments, to see what can be re-purposed, and what needs to be replaced. How about removing or replacing that old, worn-out glass shower door enclosure, which has become stained, or difficult to clean? It can be replaced with something as simple as a shower curtain. Shower curtains have many advantages; cost, attractiveness, wash-ability and a way to easily change the look of your bathroom with the seasons or your mood. They can make a bathroom look larger, and tie in with whatever theme your bathroom has.

Do your bathroom floors need refinishing or replacing, but not have a place in the budget? Cover the floor with attractive throw rugs. Is your counter or sink discolored or old-fashioned? Consider replacing the counter top and/or sink at recycle type store, such as Urban Ore, in Berkeley ( or The Habitat for Humanity ReStore ( Often, you can recycle your own items, for example, while getting something to brighten up your own bath.

Other ways to make the bath more attractive and functional for your family is to put on your creativity hat, and find ways to make the old things you have look new again. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinetry can tie in mismatched pieces, or brighten chipped and worn surfaces. It will take a little work, but not much money, and the results can be incredible.

Put a frame around a plain wall-mounted mirror, and bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

With spring-cleaning on many people’s minds now, this is the time to address long held frustrations about your bathroom

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