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Change is in the Air ~ Are You Ready?

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No where is change more evident to us than in the change from summer to autumn. Even as we work at our careers, have busy, hectic lives and a ton of tasks to do, we see summer as a free-spirited time; time for fun, relaxation, being outdoors and being with friends and family. Autumn has a different feel, a different intent. It is time to slow down, to focus more on the inner workings of our lives. In this environment, change becomes more obvious – not only in the change in the weather (wasn’t that a doozy of a rainfall this weekend?!) but in the dynamic colors of fall leaves, in the scents drifting by on the wind, and the slow, measured honk of migrating geese.

How is your life changing these days? What things are you thinking about? Home repairs before the serious winter weather comes? Holiday parties and decorating? Time with family in front of an inviting fire? Is your home ready for the cooler days and special times you have planned?

Where do you start getting ready for Autumn and Winter with all the frolic and frenzy they may entail? Our number ONE recommendation is always: Take care of safety issues and potential problems first. Then you can enjoy the changes you bring to your home without worry.

We want you to be Warm … & Safe!

Here are a few ideas to help!

1. If you have a fireplace, or wood stove it is of crucial importance that you have them ready for the cooler weather. This entails cleaning out the chimney, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while, buying dry firewood, and going through old firewood that has been sitting in your yard for a year. It may be full of bugs, and rodents, wet weather may have created some mold, or lack of good air circulation may have made it likely to burn sodden and smoky. In today’s careful environment, there may also be restrictions on when you can have a fire lit. Be sure to check out your local regulations.

2. Local regulations also apply to burning leaves or yard waste, as MANY cities have stringent laws about outdoor burning, due to safety and smog concerns.

3. Last but not least, have your heater or Central Unit checked out for efficiency, pilot light problems (if you have one) and clean filters.

At The Fix-It Professionals we can help you with almost all your preparations for fall. We can recommend excellent craftspeople for tasks like chimney cleaning, and we can help you store your firewood, check your filters, and make sure your central heating is ready to use. Call for an appointment today, 925-432-7570.

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