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Are You Ready for the Halloween and Autumn Season?

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Bewitched & Spooked – Halloween Ideas for
Our Home,Yard & Hearth!

It is so much fun to decorate for Fall – although the weather remains warm, our spirits are moving into the slower mode of Autumn. It is a time for fun, for family, and for food!

What kinds of things do you like to do at this time of the year? As you decorate and putter around your home, do you find yourself thinking about things you’d like to do around your house? Are you enjoying the ambiance and comfort of your surroundings? (Remember, The Fix-It Professionals are a year-round, full service company: we are here to help whenever, and wherever we can!)

Here are a few Halloween ideas for you to consider, embrace or enjoy!

SPOOKY SPIDERWEBS Add some spider web to your decorations; just drape it over pumpkins, flower arrangements and even around your door. Add plastic spiders and bats, another great place to let your imagination run wild!

WITCHES CAULDRON To create an easy yet eerie Halloween decoration, find a black plastic cauldron and fill it about half-way with hot tap water. Add a chunk of dry ice (look in phone book or online for local vendors) AND a glow stick or two which are usually available with Halloween costumes and decorations.

BE CAUTIOUS when handling dry ice, it can burn skin easily. Handle with gloves only, and do not allow children to touch. Ten or 15 pounds should be plenty. Buy it within 24 hours of your expected use, and store in a Styrofoam ice chest until you use it. Break it into five-pound chunks with a hammer. Keep water hot. Add dish detergent if you want bubbles! Place on a water-proof surface.

IN YOUR HOUSE, you can do all kinds of things to create a charming fall or Halloween atmosphere. Decorate your tables with pumpkins and gourds. Use fall bouquets (sunflowers, mums, and assorted grasses) to brighten your rooms, and bring the scents and colors from the outside to your interior decorating. Remember, the idea is to create an environment that speaks to the season, is comfortable to be in, and tells your personal story – use family treasures (vases, place mats, candle holders etc.) to bring together old and new in your decorating.

SOLAR GHOSTS can be created easily by draping cheesecloth over your solar lamps. Hang the lamps in an area that gets plenty of daylight – and don’t use poles, so that your ghosts sway and flutter in the wind! Add plastic bats, a few pumpkins and/or jack-o-lanterns and voila – instant spooky!

MOST OF ALL – enjoy your Halloween decorating. Include all your family members, and friends, and create a Halloween atmosphere that will be remembered!

Stay safe during this season as well. See the QUICK FIX-IT TIP on safety.

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