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Are You Ready for the Change In Light Bulbs?

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How is the personal energy in your home? Do you find that there are stagnant or stuck areas which just do not feel right to you? What about those corners or closed off rooms in your home; do you try and forget the piles of stuff in them?

Now is the perfect time to purge and let go. In fact, that’s exactly what John and I have been doing lately. We had a Feng Shui consultant come in this past weekend and she did an energy clearing ritual ceremony to release all that stuck stuff! (If you want to know more, visit Nancy Dadami, 3 Secrets Feng Shui). Afterward it was as if a great weight had been lifted and we were so calm.

Speaking of energy, did you know that soon you will not be able to get 100 or 150 watt bulbs? Many stores have already stopped stocking them in fact. Are you ready to shift to the CFL or LED lighting? See our “Fix-It Tip” article to get up to date on the new legislation!

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