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A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

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You’ve cleared the clutter and voila! There is indeed more space. After taking advantage of the unusual storage places from our last issue, are you still wondering, “but what am I going to do with all this leftover stuff?”
Well, short of moving to a larger home, there are some clever things you can do to make your home seem larger, improve the amount of storage and usable space – if you’re handy.  Here are just a few of these ideas:
Short of space in your kitchen cabinets? Turn a hall closet into a pantry!
When was the last time you used that coat closet for anything other than storing coats that no one ever wears?  Remove the coat hanger dowel and install shelving to store food items and seldom used appliances.  Consider housing some of your cookbook collection here.  It’s important to remember that food and appliances are heavier than they appear, so your shelving needs to be strong enough to support their weight and installed properly.
Choose sturdy shelving and if you must affix it to the wall, be sure the shelving supports are securely attached to the studs.  Consider too, shelving for the inside of the door to hold spices or smaller items that you use frequently.
No closet anywhere near your kitchen?  There are many attractive stand alone shelving units available (some assembly usually required). Look for something both attractive and practical.  Be sure to measure your available space before you make your purchase.
Does your home office take up an entire room?  Maybe it doesn’t have to!
If you’ve cleared out that spare room closet, maybe you can turn the spare room into a guest room by putting your office in the closet!!  Install desk and shelving units in the closet walls. Be sure that you also install bright lights so you can see what you’re doing. Desk and shelving units inside of closets have their advantages. When you’re done working you can just close the closet door and out of site is out of mind.
If you have stairs indoors, you might be able to have a “hiding” office underneath! Or at the very least this area can be made into a storage area – an attractive one of course! Consider this area for storing things that you don’t really want in the garage because of temperature or moisture control problems. Excess framed pictures or art, old record albums, etc
Under stair areas outdoors or in the garage can be used for a potting shed, gardening supply storage or even a quiet hidden sitting area. The only limit is your imagination.

So, now that your imagination is working overtime, you may be dreading that trip to the hardware store to figure out all of the stuff you need to build your fabulous idea. Never fear!!  You know a handyman who is just waiting to help you turn your ideas into reality. After all, why should you do it yourself when you can call in an expert and an exceptional price!   Click here  to find out more about our imagination to reality special.

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