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5 Trends To Transform Your Home in 2014

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Planning, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsAs spring approaches, you might be thinking of longer days, warm weather and remodeling your home. There are several main for 2014 that you might want to consider as you plan your home improvements.  
Of course, if the purpose of your improvements is primarily to increase property value, you should contact your Realtor for information about which improvements will offer the best return on your investment.
If, however, you plan to stay in your home for awhile and the upgrades are for your personal enjoyment here are a few new trends to keep in mind.
1. Transform your Bathroom into a Spa Room upscale sink, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals
The current trend in bathrooms is to make them appear spa-like. Think clean, fluid lines and futuristic fixtures. Soft contoured shapes and floating sinks can make your bath appear larger. Add special touches such as a waterfall shower, touch faucets and a heated floor for that luxury spa look and feel. Walk in showers and elegant stand alone tubs are also part of the luxury “bathspa” trend in 2014
2. Glamorize Your Kitchen With Metal Backsplashes
While tile is still the most popular backsplash in the kitchen, more and more people are choosing metal tile, sheet metal and glass. These “new to the kitchen” materials are beautiful, dramatic looking and very easy to keep clean.
3. Upgrade to the Dramatic
Dramatic color and glamorous rooms are trending for 2014. Think art deco style or “Gatsby” when selecting lighting fixtures and wall décor. Rich deep colors, even dark greys and blacks are a perfect backdrop in a room of “glam” mirrors and fixtures. Wallpaper adds a luxurious feeling texture to a room even it only applied to one wall.
 outlet with USB, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals4. The Latest in Convenience for Your Electronic Devices
The number one trend in electrical fixtures for 2014 is a “u-socket.” This is a wall socket where you can plug in anything that charges through a USB port as well as “normal” appliance plugs. If you can’t think of how that might be useful, think i-phones, gaming devices, cameras, Kindles, i-pads etc. This fixture also features a smart sensor which shuts itself off when it detects that the device is fully charged.
5. Expand Your Indoor Living Space – Take Some of It Outdoors
Having a couple of chairs and a kettle barbecue is quickly becoming outdated. More and more people are expanding their living space by bringing some of it outside. The outdoor kitchen and outdoor living room are two of the hottest 2014 remodel trends, especially in areas (like ours) where the weather is nice most of the year.
Building a kitchen in an outdoor patio is as tricky as it seems, considering the wiring and plumbing involved. If you spend loads of time outdoors anyway or if your home is a bit too small for entertaining, these are great remodel options for you.
Are you ready to try some of the new trends? How about that U-socket? This is a great time to get started and we can help!
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