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Your Home is Your Castle

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Castle in the sky John Silva The Fix it professionalsIs it Royalty Ready – Or Not So Much? 

After a day away from your humble abode, when you return home, does it look a bit too…well humble? Don’t despair! There are quick and easy fixes both inside and out that will help you make your home look royalty ready.
Even if your goals are not as lofty as entertaining the Queen, it’s still important that your home is easy to locate for anyone visiting. Having it “company ready” is not an insurmountable task. Here are a few ideas (that are not a royal pain) to help your home look more like a castle.

Start by standing in front of your house. Pretend you are a Realtor. Are the numbers clearly marked? Sure, YOU know where you live, but when you invite guests (or heaven forbid need to have fire or medical professionals come to help) it is very important that your home is easy to identify.
Has your landscaping obscured the street numbers?
Are the numbers easy to see from the street? Trim away any vegetation from your street numbers. If they are hard to see from the street (because of their size or color) head out to the hardware store for new ones. There are many options that are both practical and decorative, or you can go with the simple look. The choice is yours. Buy what makes you smile.
Next take a look at your front porch or entryway. Is it welcoming or does it look like extra storage? Take a few minutes to put away anything that doesn’t belong on the porch. Brush away cobwebs and give the porch a good sweeping. This will work wonders for freshening up your entry way. Is your welcome mat welcoming? A fresh new one will brighten your day every time you return home to your castle.
Next, let’s have a look inside. Does your entry way look inviting or is there just a lot of “stuff?” Whether you believe the Fengmessy home John SIlva Fix It Professionals Shui principal that clutter is bad for  the energy or chi of your home or not, there’s no denying that opening the front door to a bunch of “stuff” is not very welcoming. As Flylady says, “you can’t organize clutter; you can only get rid of it.”

But what if that feels like an overwhelming task? Take it from Flylady; you can do anything 15 minutes at a time.

Here’s how to get started. Use your kitchen timer (Trust me, it seems silly but it’s really important to use a timer that beeps or makes some kind of noise when time runs out). Grab 3 bags or boxes and label them “throw away” “give away” and “put away.” Choose one room to work on and set your timer for 15 minutes. Survey the room and find something that needs to be tossed. Wait…you can’t decide? Flylady’s rule is that if you don’t love it or need it, you should not keep it.
Aunt Sarah’s hideous vase? Put it in the Give Away box. No need to store it for her, it’s YOUR castle!! That giant mountain of laundry? Put it in a pile and start the washer when the timer beeps. That dead plant that makes you sad? Throw it away!
When the timer goes off – STOP! And do something else. Have some tea. Go out into the garden and admire your spring bulbs. After you’ve had a break, if you’re ready for more, set your timer and have another go. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish in 15 minute increments!
If you get frustrated with decluttering, remember, your house didn’t become a mess in a day. It won’t look perfect in a day either. Once you’re done you’ll be proud to invite guests and fling open your front door as you welcome them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a surprise visit from royalty? At the very least, you’ll feel like the King or Queen of your beautiful castle!

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