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What’s ‘Bugging’ You?

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Got anything “bugging you?”
Now that it’s officially fall, this is a great time to prepare your home for winter. Last time we gave you some tips on keeping the four legged critters outside, but maybe something else is “bugging” you.
Bug proofing your home now, while the weather is still nice, will make the chore easier and prevent those 6 and 8 legged creepy crawlies from paying you a visit this winter. Here are five ways to get started.
1. Check outdoors.
Did you know that mosquitoes can breed in pretty much anything? Anything that will hold water for a few days is a likely candidate. Of course there are the obvious culprits, like empty fishponds, swimming pools, birdbaths, pots and buckets, but there are other locations that may surprise you. Places like:

Household items, John Silva, The Fix-it Professionals• Plastic childrens’ toys
• Tarps used to cover wood, cars or other items you want to protect from the rain
• Gutters
• Old tires
• Holes in trees
• Leaking Spigots
• Pet water bowls

Make a thorough inspection of your yard to be sure that aren’t any “hidden” places for standing water and dump any that you find. Take steps to make sure that these items won’t capture water when it rains.
2. Seal and screen all windows and doors.
You wouldn’t leave your windows and doors open to burglars! It’s tempting when the weather is nice to open doors or windows to let in the fresh air, but without properly maintained screens, you’re asking for bug burgling trouble! Even the tiniest hole can let in mosquitoes, flies, gnats, moths etc! Repair or replace screens on doors and windows now to prevent tiny flying objects in your home.
And speaking of tiny objects, be sure to seal all doors and windows with caulk to prevent icky crawling things (like ants and roaches) from invading your home. An added bonus? This will also help with energy efficiency! Consider it a “two fer.”
3. And while you have that caulk gun out…
 Caulk Gun, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals
Seal around any pipe protrusions etc. When your cable, internet and phone wiring were installed, the installer probably sealed the wires as they came out of your walls for aesthetic reasons. But what about the outside? Even if this was done originally, chances are these seals are showing signs of weather aging. Inspect your homes exterior to be sure that anything going through a wall (on the roof) is properly sealed to keep the bugs out!
4. And if bugs do get inside – don’t give them an excuse to stay
An unkempt house offers 6 legged intruders lots of reasons to stay and way too many places to hide. Besides being unsightly, clutter is an open invitation for all kinds of things, from silver fish and earwigs to ants and roaches. Don’t make it an overwhelming task that never gets started. Spend a few minutes each day to de-clutter your home. Sort any items into three categories, “Put Away,” “Give Away,” and “Throw Away.” And then make sure they are distributed accordingly.
One mistake people tend to make is thinking that they need to have a giant garage sale to recover some of the money spent on things that are perfectly good and that they no longer need. Consider the amount of time you’ll have to spend sorting and pricing everything, not to mention the time you’ll spend manning the store. Our experience is, that it isn’t worth it. Why? Most people severely overestimate the worth of no longer needed items, and garage sale hunters are looking for cheap bargains.
Instead of worrying about all of that, consider that there are those in your community who would love to have these items – so why not gift it to them. By using services like Freecycle or donating to charity, you can feel good about getting rid of clutter and help others!
5. Finally – encourage natural predators.
Birds, bats, toads and frogs eat a tremendous number of insects. Encourage these creatures by providing things that attract and Outdoor lamp, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionalsprotect them. Birds will appreciate seeds and  a water source. Adding a Bat house may not seem like a good idea, but remember that bats are only active at night and feed upon the seemingly endless supplies of mosquitoes and other night flying insects.  
Toads and frogs may be attracted by adding a night time insect light. Think of it as a froggy buffet!
If you liked any of these ideas, but they seem like a lot of work, never fear. We’re here to help! Our September Varmint Special can be used for any of these projects as well.


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