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What Emotions do you Feel When You Look Around Your Home?

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Capturing the Dream Within and Expressing it On the Outside

Are you aware that your outside world is influenced by your inside world? Do you recognize how much of your inner feelings make a difference on what shows up in your home, yard or office?

Whether you are conscious of your thought processes or not, many of your choices and decisions about your home, decor, yardscaping and the life you live are influenced by your emotions. The inner self guides the outer self. Not to mention, as you look at those areas surrounding you, they also influence your emotions as well. So if you don’t feel happy, content, secure, and at peace in your surroundings, then you need to find ways to enhance the positive emotions you want to feel when you are actively living in those spaces.

Do you have, perhaps buried in the far reaches of your mind, a vision for your outdoor living spaces? What I call your “yardscape?” They may come from your childhood dreams, or from an article you read or a home you visited and enjoyed. Give yourself time to think about those dreams, and perhaps get them on paper. Consider making a Garden Vision Board to capture those dreams. (Ask us about creating vision boards by emailing us at

Do you want certain emotions to be felt when you are in your yard? Are you thinking about calmness, an environment of peace and relaxation? Or, do you want vibrancy, a place of fun and family gatherings and explosions of color? Do your outdoor living areas inspire interest, enthusiasm, and laughter?

Or, on the other hand, do you feel apathetic when you view your yard? Do feelings of embarrassment or regret influence the amount of time you spend there? These are important emotions to evaluate.

After all, emotion is Energy-in-Motion. It is a way of expressing oneself in life. It is the quality of how one relates to life.

It might sound like the negative emotions are just something to get rid of. Yet they serve a very important function. They show you the opposite of what you want, and help you get clear on what you DO want. They become the motivation to get the thing done. Use the emotions you are feeling as a guideline, a template, to creativity in your yardscape!

Now that you have evaluated your emotional response to your outdoor living spaces … What comes next? Now comes the fun part – exploring the possibilities. Each segment of your yard will have its own purpose, its own emotional triggers and its own value. Taking each area separately, think about what it says to you now, and what you want it to say. Some areas will probably be terrific just as they are. They only need some fresh plantings, or lighting to enhance what is already there.

Other areas will need a closer eye, and a more specific plan. Do you have enough seating areas for the yard you envision? How can you add to that? Do you want built-in benches, new tables and chairs, casual seating that can be stored in the winter, or is year-round living your goal? How about your entertainment areas? Do you have a place to cook and/or barbecue outdoors? Do you want or need a wet-bar, a covered lanai or an area that brings a particular essence to your environment, like the feel of the Mediterranean feel, or the flavor of Hawaii?

Home and garden magazines are great for inspiration – you don’t have to copy what you see, just feel the emotions around certain pictures when you view them, for a guide to what will feel good and right in your own environment. There is no wrong or right here, just discovering what creates the emotions you want to experience when you are enjoying your outdoor areas! If you are at ease in your yard, those who live with you, as well as those visiting you, will feel that same contentment and enjoyment.

Emotions are important to our lives, whether expressed or subliminal. Men and women deal with their emotions differently, but their value is nonetheless present in how we choose to design, decorate, express and respond to our living areas, indoors and out. Make your yardscape uniquely yours in creating the emotions you want!

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