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What Does Focusing on the Good Things around You Have to do with Repairs & Fix-its?

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I just received, for Mother’s Day, the current issue of Oprah’s magazine. It is her 10th Anniversary Special edition and it is packed with great ideas, solutions and life changing insights. I loved her quote, “We’re focusing on the good things around us right now, and the joy to be found in the present moment!

What does this have to do with priority lists and making repairs or fix-its to your home? EVERYTHING!!

How can I be so bold as to say so? Because I too have a home where keeping up with the joy, beauty and pleasure of it is critically important to me. When it’s out of sync with my own desires, needs or wants or when it needs updating, repairs or changes … well, it just plain makes me feel sad, depressed or frustrated.

I spoke to a woman today who struggled to even define what she wanted, needed or desired. She knew what she had wasn’t it, yet what exactly did she WANT. Not to mention she was fearful of the cost or work involved, so she wouldn’t even let herself DREAM about it at all. She just shut down.

That makes me sigh in despair when I hear women say they won’t even dream of what they want simply because they believe they cannot have it. I know that we must dream and allow ourselves to create, then speak it out loud. It simply cannot come true if you stop the creative process from unfolding. First you dream it, then you allow it, and finally it shows up!

That’s what I am here to offer, a way to DREAM, to speak out loud what you desire. There is no one to judge you, only someone to support you in making it come true. Let me capture it for you and give it life, put YOUR priority list on paper.

Don’t be afraid … it’s FUN! I guarantee it.

Check out my offer ~ no obligation ~ no cost! Now you can’t beat that.

In the meantime, here’s to happy planting, digging, sanding and painting (unless, of course, you’d rather we did it for you?)

Your yard, home, office and car are a direct reflection of you! Make sure you like the reflection that you are seeing!


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