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True Confessions of an Energy Guzzling Home

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I may look like an ordinary house to you, but in reality, I am a secret energy guzzler.
But now it’s time to confess and let you in on it – so you can fix the problem, save energy and money. Here are my 7 Energy Secret Energy Guzzling Sins.
insulation the fix it professionals john silva1. I don’t have enough insulation.
Insulation is not just for the winter months, it’s for the summer too. When you had that insulation installed years ago, it was great, but if you did it on a budget, it may be time to add more or if it’s moldy, get it replaced. Of course in the attic insulation is only part of the secret sin. I don’t have a fan circulating the air and my roof is a dark color, so the insulation has to work even harder to keep the house cool. Shhh. don’t tell the insulation…it might get mad!
2. I’ve been tricking your air conditioner too. When you set it to 72 degrees, your air conditioner has a big job to do. A simple fix is to set it higher perhaps 75 – 78 degrees. The ceiling fan is in on it too. It’s lazy. If it doesn’t have to work, it keeps the air conditioner working hard while the low energy fan has a nice vacation on your ceiling. Don’t tell the air conditioning, but if you get a programmable thermostat installed, your home will stay comfy without you having to think that much about it.
3. I love my windows. They’re big, they’re beautiful and they make you want to look outside. Am I right? BUT when you leave the curtains open all day to admire the view, guess who has to work harder. That’s right. The air conditioner. He’s such a hEnergy Saving Light Bulb The Fix it professionals John Silvaard worker. When you close your curtains or even get new insulated ones, you’ll give the air conditioner a break and save a little power.
4. The fan wanted me to let you know not to get any big ideas and leave it running all day and night. Its dirty secret is that it cools people, not rooms. Turn it off when you leave the room to save a bit on your energy bill. (Besides, it’s lazy, remember?)
5. While I am on dirty secrets… your light bulbs have one too. Did you know that  most of the energy that an incandescent bulb puts out is in heat not light?? That’s right, by switching to LED or energy efficient lights, your home will be bright and cooler because your lighting won’t be heating the house.
6. Then there’s the water heater. Yes it’s got a secret too. You could be using too much energy if it’s set higher than 120 degrees, especially if it’s a tank water heater. Who knew?
7. Full load confessions. Finally the dishwasher and the clothes washer want you to know that they use the same amount of energy for a small load as they do for a full one. If you bought one of those new fangled ones recently, it may actually work better when it’s full. By making sure the appliances have full loads – and only running them when it’s cooler outside (evenings), then you won’t heat up the house and you’ll save on your power bill.
your home john silva the fix it professionalsAs your house, I am sharing these confessions with you because I think you can take the truth! If you’ve noticed me looking a little tired and run down in places, I could sure use some help…BUT I am not asking you to do it yourself. I sure do enjoy when John with the Fix-It Professionals comes by. We have a little quality time together and you get to relax. John’s June Special makes this month a great time for a little Handy visit.
Thanks in advance,
Your house
ps read on for the June Special 

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