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Top Notch Touch Ups!

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Paint touch up The Fix it ProfessionalsProbably no one has noticed it but you – that spot on the wall that needs a touch up! But with just a few simple steps, you could have that spot touched up in no time…if only you knew what to do.
The first thing to figure out is whether you have any of the paint that was used previously. If you do, great! but before you grab the brushes and pull on the overalls, STOP!
How old is that paint and how was it stored?
Depending upon the conditions and how well the can was sealed, your original paint may have changed color a tad or may have broken down and become lumpy. If any of the paint has evaporated due to a poor seal, the color may have changed enough to be noticeable. If the paint is old and lumpy it may need to be strained before you can use it, unless you’re in to unintentional extra texturing!
Providing your paint was stored properly and you think that the color matches, your next step is to prepare the area and make a plan.
Cover anything that would be in the drip line with a tarp or plastic cloth. Have an alternate plan in case the paint ends up being slightly off color as in, find a seam or a logical stopping place that won’t make your walls scream “Hey lookie here! New paint!” If it turns out that the color has changed you may need to consider painting the entire wall – for which hopefully, you will have enough paint!
Pour a bit of the paint into a container (don’t paint directly out of the can) and strain if needed. You can use panty hose if you don’t want to make a special trip to the store for this. If you know how the paint was originally applied (brush, roller etc.) use the same tools for your touch up.
Remember paint dries darker than it is when wet, so you’ll have to spend some time watching paint dry before you can be certain that the colors do indeed match.
If you don’t have any of the original paint, you will have one heck of a time matching the original color exactly, so plan to purchase as much paint as you will need to cover the entire wall.
Remember to seal left over paint properly and wash your tools thoroughly. And if you have paint left over that you need to dispose of, be sure to do so correctly: Let the can stand open so the paint dries inside or pour into sawdust or kitty litter, then dispose of in your regular trash. Wet paint should be taken to your waste disposal company for proper disposal.
If this seems like a lot of work, remember you don’t have to do it yourself! Let your handy handyman help! Since the weather is still nice, consider grabbing a nice cold beverage and reading your favorite book while we do the work!
Whether you do it yourself or we do it for you, touching up will help make your paint look as good as new!

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