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Three Wise Tips for Safe Lights – For the Holidays and Beyond

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House with Christmas lights, John Silva, The Fix-it ProfessionalsThere’s that old joke that if you don’t have enough lights to see your home from space that you need to buy more…followed closely by the joke that your holiday expense list begins with holiday lights and is followed shortly by a bill from your electrician.

There’s a reason you hear so much about this… it really happens to some people. But the truth is that holiday lights are just a small portion of wise winter lighting for your home. Here are three quick tips to help your home stay safe this holiday season and throughout winter.

1. You don’t need your home to be seen from space.
OK all kidding aside, it’s important that you pay attention to the safety requirements on any lights you plan to use for decoration. Are they indoor outdoor lights, or just for indoors? How many strands is the limit? If you have a fresh tree, how hot do the lights get exactly? This is a situation when it’s important to follow the rules. Many of the families who experience house fires are the ones who have pushed their luck in this regard. Here are some additional rules for safety if you choose to have a fresh tree in your home:

  • Buying a cut tree? Run your hand along branches at both bottom and top. If they don’t spring back (or worse they fall off) the tree is not fresh and won’t last. Don’t buy a tree that’s a fire hazard!
  • “Live” trees can die too. If you’ve purchased a “living Christmas tree” that you intend to decorate with lights, make sure it’s Christmas tree, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionalsdoing just that. Often these trees are so stressed that they die during their duration indoors, so keep a close eye to make sure that “living” describes the state of the tree until you’re ready to take it outside and plant it. 
  • If you have a cut tree, be sure to cut an additional 2 inches off the trunk at the base just before you bring it indoors and set it in the tree stand.
  • Make sure that the tree stand is kept filled with water.
  • Do not keep the lights plugged in and glowing on a fresh tree if you’re not home and do NOT leave the lights on when you’re sleeping
  • If the tree begins to drop needles and seems dry do NOT turn on the lights. Even a tiny bit of heat can cause a Christmas inferno, and nobody wants that.

2. Baby it’s Dark Outside.
Winter is the perfect time to have outdoor lighting installed along pathways and at the front of the garage. Consider having a motion sensor installed. That way, the lights will only come on when you need them (or if someone approaches the house). Solar lights along the front walk can lend a charming glow while providing much needed light in the dark.

Timer, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals3. Timing is Everything.
The holidays are the most common time to travel. It’s also one of the most common times for thieves. When you put your lights (and your TV or radio) on an automatic timer, you give your home the appearance of being occupied and most thieves will pass on the chance of running into a homeowner who’ll put up a fight. Timers can be simple to install, or you can go for a more complex version which controls both indoor and outdoor lights.

We hope these tips keep you safe this holiday season. If you need any assistance setting timers, installing lights indoors or out, or would like a motion sensor installed, just give us a call. We want you to have a safe an very happy holiday. Read on for our December Special.*


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