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The Fix-It Professionals ‘Official’ Top 10 DIY Mistakes

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At the Fix-It Professionals, we’ve pretty much seen it all – twice. Some of the blunders and bumbles stand out more than others. Here is our “official” Top 10 List to make you laugh. Enjoy!
10. Toilet Seat Extras.
We were called in to re-repair a toilet. The homeowner had tried to fix it and yet it was still leaky. Upon arrival we were presented with the problem. Apparently those ‘extra’ parts in the repair kit are important! Bottom line: Read the directions. Use all the parts they suggest. If you don’t understand the directions, call in a professional, because you’ll probably end up doing that anyway!
9. Motion Commotion
A homeowner called to say they had replaced an exterior light and now they were unable to make the lights come on. Unfortunately, they had replaced it with a normal fixture in an area that was meant for a motion detection light. Motion detection lights don’t need a switch (they turn on and off by themselves) but regular lights sure do! The problem was that they didn’t add the switch to the equation. Chalk one up for planning to fail by failing to plan.
8. Really Expensive Light Bulbs
On this assignment we were called in to replace a faulty light switch. They had tried everything to get the light to turn on… except replacing the bulb. Not every brand new bulb works! Fortunately I was able to assist the homeowner with other tasks around the house. Good thing. Most people don’t want to pay $100 (electrical rate) to change a light bulb!! Client note: If I complete a task and there is still time left on my minimum charge, we can work on other fix it projects until time is up!
7. Shower Dyslexia
A client called in because they had replaced the spigots in the shower. What a surprise the wife got when she tried to adjust the temperature and discovered that hot was cold and cold was hot! Yowch!!
6. Patio Punchy
Most times when one is installing an outdoor patio area, one likes to have lighting for night time. One client poured the cement and then later realized that he forgot to put the wiring down first. Oops. More of that failing to plan thing. Part of doing a great job as your handyman is being able to come up with a plan for your project that eliminates extra work. Efficiency saves you money.
5. Kitchen Conundrum
Then there was the Do it yourself kitchen remodel. They really did a beautiful job. The reason they called me out however was that after installing this beautiful central island they realized that electricity might be important. Note to selves… It is much easier (and less expensive) to plan for the electricity before you remodel than it is to add it later on!
4. Speaking of do it yourself kitchens…
“Bob and Stacy” (names changed to protect their privacy) decided to replace their all in one microwave/oven/stove unit with two separate units. The trouble was they neglected to consider the power supply (funny how often that happens). When they realized that they were short one plug – they ran an extension cord to power the microwave. Yikes! Important note: NEVER use an extension cord as a permanent power source for anything!
3. Would you like some cheese with that wine (closet)
Ah the wine closet. Standard of luxury and convenience for the wine connoisseur. “Jerry” however knew much more about wine than he did about making repairs. When the wine cooler control unit broke down, he was unable to properly troubleshoot the problem. He purchased the wrong part (which was non refundable) and then had to call us in to troubleshoot and determine the right part AND repair the temperature control. Urgh!
2. How Do You Like That New Dining Room Table Centerpiece?
There are reasons that ceiling fans should be installed with a fan bracket. One client decided to just figure out the fan installation on his own. Wallboard screws , however are not meant to support that much weight or fan movement. I can only imagine the noise that fan made when it crashed down onto the dining room table. Thank goodness no one was hurt!
1. Drum Roll Please!
We were called in to check out a faulty circuit breaker. The darned thing just kept on tripping. How did the homeowner deal with it in the mean time? Well they just HAD to have power…and that pesky switch just kept on tripping… so they taped the breaker open with cellophane tape. OK, never, never never do this! There is a reason that circuit breakers trip… they are supposed to do that for SAFETY reasons! Forcing a breaker open is an excellent way to start a house fire!   
So there you have it, just a few of the crazy, funny and sometimes dangerous mistakes we’ve seen over the years. If you want to avoid the trouble (and the danger) and you have some do it yourself projects on your to do list, please take advantage of our April Handyman Special. Buy 3 handyman hours get the fourth one free! (Despite the fact that many of the examples involved electrical work, this special is for handyman work only.)    

Until next month, stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

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