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Stir It Up, Clean It Out, Let It Go ~ Simplify!

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This past weekend, John and I spent a lovely day with our 2 year old grandson, beginning the day with breakfast out. Our daughter joined us for that, then left us to grandparent for the day. A true joy for us.

reading a bookIt is easy to let those special times pass you by with the busyness of work, careers, child care, housekeeping, cooking and other obligations. Before you know it, the next work day begins again and the special thing you wanted to do, didn’t get done. Maybe it was to ride bikes with the kids, or maybe it was to just sit and read a book!

When did we get so busy that we cannot even find time to enjoy life to its fullest? What happened to balance? How come our homes are packed to overflowing with stuff and yet we do not have time to enjoy the stuff, clean it up or clear it out? The entertaining thing is that we actually go out and buy more!

What has become evident to me is how critical it is to our health, wealth and well-being to fit in those special times, regularly, so that we do GET the things we want. It seems counter-intuitive to relax, let go and play in order to have health, wealth and well-being, yet it is the very thing required to achieve them.

It is why I speak frequently on getting what you want, because I know, if you do not balance the busyness of life with relaxation, play and fun, then the ‘good life’ seems to constantly evade you. Again and again, I hear women talk of exhaustion and overwhelm, yet the very thing they want never seems to show up. There is a reason for that, and I am very willing to share it with you.

There are two things we are offering today which are designed and meant to help you busy ladies out there. And yes, men will benefit too, especially if they make their ladies happy!

The first of those two things is an offer to help clean out your garages. If you aren’t ready to do it now (although I encourage you to stop putting it off!), then set a date, tell us that date, and we’ll honor the July special on that date!

The second thing we are offering is a GET WHAT YOU WANT free tele-class, which happened on August 2nd. During this call I  helped you define what it is you want, clear up the confusion around why you aren’t getting it and help you begin getting it today! (Click here to sign up for the audio replay!)

Why would you do either of these? To get what you want! It’s up to you now! All you have to do to get what you want is to accept our offers. These are our gifts to you.

Last week I offered a mantra to use. How many of you used it this past week?

Here is the mantra I came up with … repeat after me ….

Stir it up
Clean it out
Let it Go

As my coach says, rinse and repeat!

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