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Small Changes, Big Results

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Affordable Decorating Tips

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Many of us can’t afford the luxury of hiring a designer, and look instead for inexpensive ways to make our homes look nice. It’s a challenge to try to decorate on a dime or even a dollar, but there are ways to make small changes that can bring about big results. Here are a few ideas to consider:

One of the easiest ways to change the appearance of a room is to rearrange the furniture. Consider moving away from the traditional squared-off arrangement we are all accustomed to and, instead, try placing pieces at an angle to make your room look completely different. Shift the focal point of the room to something different and arrange around it.
Accent WallThe second easiest way is to repaint the room. If you don’t want to make a color change, perhaps just add a new coat of the existing color to freshen and brighten it up. However, if your tastes have changed, you can either repaint in a new color, or paint only one wall an accent color to bring some new pizzazz to the room.
Decorate with nature by adding live or silk plants and trees to your rooms. Large floor plants can be used as screens to break up rooms if desired. If you already have plants, change the pots to bright, cheerful colors to enhance your décor.
 Room Screen
Room screens are often overlooked these days, and can make a long, ordinary room more interesting when we can’t see to the other end. They come in many styles, colors, and materials. If you don’t want to completely obscure the view, use a screen that is lightweight, in a meshed or slatted style. To match your own décor, you can always paint your screen.
Area RugsArea rugs add character to spaces that need it, and come in so many colors and patterns, you can really have fun choosing the right one for your space. Rugs also soften the appearance of a room and help absorb sound.
Consider changing your cabinet pulls and knobs  in the built-in cabinets in your bathrooms, laundry room Cabinet Pull Knobsand kitchen for a new look.  
If your kitchen towels are hanging and visible (and boring), why not change them out for towels in different, bright colors or new jazzy patterns? Add a new splash to your kitchen.
Picture frames on wallCreate a new and interesting focal point on an uninteresting wall by making a collage that covers a lot of surface space.  Group several different pieces of artwork together or even a large collection of photos in a variety of attractive frames.  Be creative and abstract in your grouping.  
Change up your lighting. Bases and lampshades are fairly interchangeable these days, so you can do a bit of mix and match to change the look of your lamps. Some bases can easily be painted to alter their appearance.
Don’t forget to personalize your living space. Regardless of how well you decorate, your rooms will not be complete without YOU in them! Be sure to add items that relate specifically to you and your family, such as favorite photos or those great “finds” from fun shopping trips and special vacations. Your house guests will get a sense of who you are.
If you can loosen up a bit and occasionally step away from traditional ideas of décor, you may discover the creative elements of your own style and find you enjoy trying new looks. When you do shop for new items, include consignment stores, thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales on your itinerary for those special treasures.  Go crazy!

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