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How Does Your Family’s Lifestyle Influence your Outdoor Areas?

Continuing with the thoughts and ideas we started with last week, I want to remind you of the importance of creating not only a dreamy yardscape, but keeping it in tune with your needs, and your lifestyle. With life going by so quickly, it becomes so very important to create spaces outdoors that we can relax in, meditate in, and yes, even escape in! To Make these areas happen so that they are functional and attractive, you have to know what your family needs and wants.

Today, we are going to focus on the elements of family entertainment space out of doors. Here’s a good way to begin creating this outdoor living space: Have  a confab with your family! Whether there are two of you or 10 of you, it is important to get feedback. You may have to find a way to agree on everyone’s desires, for instance sharing with your partner “I don’t want an outdoor television,” or maybe find a way to warn your children that you will not have a place for bizarre pets! No matter your final purpose or desire, a well-planned outdoor living area is essential. (We can help you create that outdoor living area with our free assessment offer. Click here!) No vision is too big, just allow it to flow from you with a deep sense of “Yes, I can have that!”

Here are some elements to think about while planning:

Cushion Ideas

Seating. For the best looking and most relaxing entertainment spot, you need to have a variety of comfortable seating. Be sure to take into consideration your weather or climate, shade, age-ranges to be entertained and form(s) of entertainment. Do you want conversational groups? A place to eat? Seating around a pool? Do you need easy-to-get-out of  seating for your elders, or miniaturized seating for little ones? What sizes of parties will you have? Once you have these basics in mind, then look over what you already have that can be used. Can tables and chairs be refinished or refurbished? Can you put cushions on walls for additional seating? Put it all together in a few special areas, and you will have the most popular yard around!

Ideas for outdoor planning

Food service and dining: Another thing you and your family need to determine is whether you want to prepare food outside, or inside, as well has how you want to set up your dining areas. For many, the ideal situation is a potluck – you cook the main entry, outdoors, provide drinks, and let everyone else contribute salads, sides and dessert. Consider having a barbecue area, with places to lay out food, and nooks and crannies for conversation and consumption.

Last but not least, know what you will need for electrical use, (CFGI plugs) or propane or other gas for the barby! Should you like to use things like crockpots, warmers or other barbecue and potluck additions, you will want to plan ahead for their safe use. If you want to use special lanterns for parties, or lighting like Christmas strands, you must have adequate and safe outlets. They need to be safe for not only the use to which you will put them, but for children that may have access to them. They have to be weatherproof, and accessible to the areas that you want to use them.

In order to be sure that all the elements will come together the way you want them to, you will have to be aware of the costs, the dynamics of how your yard is used, and the weather or climate that will affect how and when you use your yardscape. With a dream and a plan, you can go slowly, as budget allows, or do it all at once. What matters is that you keep your thoughts focused on what you want, and how you envision the completed look!

(Let us help you with your outdoor living needs, especially electrical. We are licensed and insured! Need a fence? We can build it. Need a raised flower bed? We can build that too!)

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