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Lighting Trends for 2014

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Instant Sophistication with New Lights  
and Light Fixtures

hanging blue light, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsIf you’re ready for a change that will bring immediate impact to your home, may we suggest updating your lighting? 2014 is the year of elegant sophistication. One of the most popular new trends is pendant styled lamps. If you have high ceilings, this is the year for you! Here’s the latest in lighting in 2014:
Light and Bright
Gone are the days of dark and dingy rooms. This year is all about bringing light into your home with fixtures that are beautiful show pieces. This year’s latest styles can make your home feel glamorous. Designers consider all of these lighting styles interchangeable for an even bigger impact. Combine gold or brass with other metals and bring out the best in new wall colors (remember Navy is the new neutral). No more matchy matchy with lamps. Think blending color, design and style elegantly and you’ll have a great feel for where this trend is going in 2014.
Use of the Color Blue
It’s everywhere. Blue lamp bases, blue glass shades, blue accents… blue, blue, blue!! As you shop for table lamps and shades, likely you’ll notice that they too want to be shown off! All kinds of shades, styles and patterns await you. A blue patterned lamp is a great way to make your room “pop” if you don’t want to repaint and replace all of your furniture (or if you didn’t want to risk navy walls). Add a similarly colored textured pillow and you’ve taken your room from “ho-hum” to “wow,” for just a few dollars.
Copper weighing coins, John Silva, Your Money Dream
Just like blue, copper is “in.” But don’t think “ordinary fixtures which use copper instead of another metal.” Think unique show pieces designed to be noticed. What makes copper especially versatile is that its look differs depending upon what kind of patina is used. It can go from bright and polished, to a matte finish or even have a greenish hue. Whatever your home’s style, there’s likely copper lighting just for you.
Swedish Design
The corner on the market in innovative, open, fun and funky belongs to Sweden this year. You can’t open a catalog or search the internet for “trendy” without seeing an image of a light that makes you think, “Wow. That’s creative – and really kind of neat.” and nearly all of those images are Swedish design.
Vintage Chic fixture, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsVintage Industrial Chic  
2014 continues the trend of industrial style lighting. It’s not just for your garage anymore. Today you can find this style in elegant kitchens, hallways and even living rooms. This style combines the advantages of brightening the room with having a wonderful conversation piece. Industrial chic is the trending ‘pendant style lighting,’ but with a twist because the “pendants” are actually piping. Solid looking, fun and funky!
 By now you’re probably very excited about the idea of swapping out some of your dated light fixtures and lamps and trying something new. And electrical wiring is tricky. Unless you are trained in such things, it’s probably best to hire a professional. At The Fix-It Professionals we’re versatile too! This month, we’re offering a bonus when you hire us to swap out your ceiling fixtures or install timers, dimmer switches or motion sensors.  
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