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Life in the Fast Lane or

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Do You Need to Slow Down? Are You Moving too Fast!

We lead stressful lives, most of us. We are constantly trying to juggle home, job, family and social lives to the best of our ability. Well, I am here to tell you one real basic tenet of making life work for you. SLOW DOWN! Believe me, I do know about the hectic pace of a full-time career, raising children, taking care of a house that is our home, trying to make time for our parents and friends, doing charity work or being active in social networks. But ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have affluenza? This “ailment” is characterized by swollen expectations, feverish consumption, rising debt and constant fatigue. Our grandparents and parents called it “keeping up with the Joneses!”

2. Do you keep buying bigger houses, rather than remodeling or repairing the one you are living in because you care about how others’ see you?

3. Do you have trouble making choices about what to do with your life? Your home? Your relationship with children or grandchildren?

The Gallup Organization survey last fall found that Americans already consider themselves hardworking, stressed, and underpaid by a full-time work week that averages 46 hours. In fact, the higher their socioeconomic status, the less content workers are with their leisure time. This is NOT to say you are doing anything “wrong” with your life – only that you can change your motivations for doing things the way you are just based on what YOU like, what YOU need, and what your FAMILY wants. It is not about living better with less, it is about living the life you truly want to live, in an environment that supports and nourishes you.

How does this apply to home fix-its? I am SO glad you asked!

Making the most of where you live now, by taking care of repairs, and doing remodeling rather than moving, is the first step in living an awakened life. Once again I recommend you take a walk through your home, with a notepad and camera. Jot down what works and what doesn’t in your furniture, walls, room purpose, and family needs. Snap pictures of problem areas, or areas you really like and don’t want to change. After you are done, meet with your partner, kids or anyone else who shares your home (no, doggie opinions don’t count!) and go over the things you found, the things you’d like changed. Get some input on how they see it. If no one shares your home, then ask a caring friend for their ideas.

In order to spend less money and less time on household things, you need to be proactive in its care. Letting things go is never a good idea, whether it is home repairs, your relationships or your finances! In fact, there are things that can happen if uncared for – including dryer fires, mold and mildew, increased allergens due to inadequate screens or overloaded heater filters – that can affect your health and well-being.

The next step is to prioritize. Take care of electrical problems, mold/mildew occurrences and potential difficulties FIRST. Uncertain of what should be first? Give us a call, and let us help you put it all together. Even if you plan to tackle some items on a do-it-yourself basis, you need to be aware of what needs to be done and when.

Consult past newsletters that discuss seasonal items on which to focus. For fall, these include heater vents and filters, gutters and downspouts (and water drainage on your property), having windows and doors airtight for reduced utility bills, pipe insulation, fireplace and chimney readiness, and last minute yard cleanup. Won’t it be a load off your mind to have these things fixed, updated and off the to-do list?

By taking care of repairs, problems, seasonal updates and ongoing cleaning and attentiveness to your surroundings, you can minimize the time you spend on less desirable activities, and more time with the things that are the most important to you – friends and family! In addition, these “done tasks” will lessen stress, reduce further spending for delayed repairs, and allow you to fully enjoy your home and environment. With Halloween about gone, it will be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukkah, and having a home that is clean, fixed and homey will get you off on the best foot for your holidays. Remember, The Fix-It Professionals are here to help!

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