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Kitchen Design Trends 2015

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color wheel, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsEvery year in Las Vegas, kitchen and bath industry leaders and designers come together to showcase upcoming trends in design and appliances. This year, although many of the ideas were similar to last year, some new (and very cool) trends to help the average homeowner were presented. 

Bold Vibrant Colors
Like last season, bold and vibrant colors are “in.” This season the emphasis is on balancing the brightness with light, neutral tones and using accent features, such as curtains or flowers to tie the color themes together.

A Highlight on Industrial Style
Last season focused on industrial lighting. This season the trend has spread to the kitchen, specifically the center island. Designers consider that this year’s island should not only be functional, but stylish too. Now your family can gather round a style statement for homework, breakfasts and socializing. 

Efficiency is All the Rage.
The family of 2015 is on the go and demands functionality and efficiency in the kitchen. Pull out shelves and drawers maximize ease and efficiency. No more getting out the step stool or bending and stooping to get those seldom used items. A “pull out drawer kitchen” has all of the family’s needs easily at hand.

Innovation Happens When the Clutter is Goneorganize draw, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals
This year, just like last year, a streamlined, clean and clear look is what’s “in.” The days of having two of everything and every gadget imaginable are over. So what will you do with that empty drawer? How about an in-drawer charging station? The back of the drawer has the docks and plugs for all of your devices and they can charge up out of site, tucked away in a kitchen drawer. Neat!

Need Flooring? Think porcelain tiles
We tend to think of porcelain as a fragile substance, but as flooring material it is amazingly durable and the perfect choice for the family on a budget. A wide variety of patterns and colors are available in this very affordable material, making the “budget floor” look like a million bucks!

Smart Appliances, Almost Creepy?
What if your refrigerator let you know that you were out of milk? How about giving you a list of meal options or recipes you can prepare with the ingredients that are in the fridge? That’s the latest in smart appliances and whether you find it a little creepy or really cool, this trend is sure to help the hurried homeowner in 2015 and beyond.

Other trends in appliances
You know that little “dance” that occurs in your kitchen when you’re cooking and suddenly junior (or hubby) wants to grab a cold beverage out of the fridge? The latest idea puts an end to the frustrating and sometimes dangerous space juggling when too many people are in the kitchen. The hot new trend is to also have a small mini fridge under a counter or installed in the kitchen island for beverages and frequently accessed snacks. Some of these appliances have a clear doors so you can see what’s inside (preventing the “staring into the refrigerator with the door open” thing) 

double oven, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsOr you might enjoy the Whirlpool “oven and a half.” This appliance has a full sized oven on the bottom and on the top – a half sized oven perfect for baking cookies, pies or reheating. Since this oven is half of the cubic feet of a normal oven, it takes less energy to heat up, making this appliance very energy efficient.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what’s new for 2015. Adding a new look to your home can feel like a lot of work, and we say, Don’t sweat it! Whether you feel that it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, bath, or any area of your home, we’re here to help you! Please read on for our February Special. 

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