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Just Imagine! Fall Decorating to Beautify your Home

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Just Imagine!  Fall Decorating to Beautify your Home


What are you going to do to spruce up your home for fall? Do you like to decorate for the season? Do you want to start doing something different, indoors and out, to celebrate the beauty of fall? I was working on a project for Soroptimists, and needed to find an inspirational message for an upcoming meeting on the topic of “Just Imagine!” As often happens, along the way the thoughts I found tickled some motivations for this week’s newsletter!

As adults, we sometimes stifle our imaginations, our sense of fun, and our enthusiasm for life. Nowhere is that more evident than in how we decorate our homes for the seasons. It doesn’t matter if we have children or grandchildren or if we are single or in a partnership. Decorating our homes expresses our delight in our home environment; for the season, and for our neighbors and friends, who can enjoy the beauty we present.

How can you get started in doing justice to the season of Autumn? Just imagine…

Think about the colors you relate to Fall. There are still greens, but they are musty and muted colors now, deep and rich. Yellows and Golds are vibrant at this time of year, and oranges and reds capture the eye. Visualize textures, the rough and nubby feel of winter squash and pumpkins, the dryness of stalks of corn, the roundness of berries on wreaths. What inspires you?

Warm hues give rooms a rich, autumnal look. A palette of cocoa, rust, and gold evokes the spirit of the season; you can use these colors in throw pillows, blankets and accessories such as flowers, wreaths and groupings of pumpkins or gourds. Try something different and bold – paint one accent space (over the mantel for instance, or your front door) in a spirited shade of rusty red, and use that as the take off point for your color scheme for a particular room. Paint is inexpensive and easy to change seasonally – make the colors in your room pop!

Do you want to focus on your outdoor environments? On what area would you like to focus? Your front porch? Window boxes or planter beds? Have you considered the variations possible in lighting, plant-groups and wreaths? Do you want bird-feeding stations? Fall is the ideal time to start feeding birds for winter enjoyment as well. Let your creativity flow – make wreaths, collect pine cones and leaves for display, and tuck small touches into areas like the bath or entry hall.

For planting outdoors, this is a great time to clean out your planter boxes. Plant fall plants in colors you love; mums, violas, Heleniums, and even ornamental kale and pepper provide delightful color splashes. If you want to have your planter boxes ready for spring as well, tuck some spring bulbs in your box as well, when you remove the annuals after fall is over, your bulbs will already be in place, and bloom for you in the spring! Tuck small gourds and squash, as well as pumpkins in among the foliage, and make or buy scarecrows, hay bales and/or other Fall decorations to add in with the live plantings.

Let your imagination off it’s leash; dream and create in your mind, and make that come to fruition in your garden, in your rooms, and on your porches. Let The Fix-it Professionals help design, create and install features in your home and garden to enhance the beauty of the season. This is the perfect time of the year to install outdoor lighting, which will create the ambiance you want this Fall and Winter.

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