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Is Your Window Ready for Something New?

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Top 10 Window Treatment Trends

Have your window treatments seen better days? Is it time to replace those worn out cornices, tired-looking valances, faded curtains or old-fashioned blinds?

How about replacing them with one of the latest trends?
(according to HGTV)

Trend #1 Organic Materials – literally bring nature indoors

Trend #2 Color – One of the quickest ways to update your look is with color.

Trend #3 Luxe Fabrics are exactly as they sound – opulent and showy with bold colors and textures that beg to be touched.

Trend #4 Zen-chic Bamboo in Roman shades and decorative hardware will continue to be a popular trend

Trend #5 Velvet and Grosgrain are a luxury trend taking cues from the fashion industry.

Trend #6 Sleek Lines – Window treatments don’t have to be fussy, and this trend is anything but.

Trend #7 Bold Prints – Bolder and bigger prints with texture are top choices for window treatment fabric.

Trend #8 Silk Panels – Silk has exploded onto the scene and is still going strong.

Trend #9 Luxury Tech –  As society increases its obsession with gotta-have-it-gadgets, people counterbalance with organic and natural products in their homes, and window treatments are no exception.

Trend #10 Green Design – Green design is characterized as both economically and environmentally safe treatments now offered as affordable options for window treatments.

No matter what the trend, it is important that you love what you put into your home or office. Take your time deciding and pick what suits your personality, color palette and comfort level.

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