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Is Your Home “Company Ready?”

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It’s almost Thanksgiving (gasp) already.  Are you expecting overnight guests?  
Turkey, Thanksgiving, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsDuring the course of the year, it’s easy to get used to how your home looks.  A little stack of stuff here or there is something you
may not even see.  Or your home may be in perfect order. But tidy or not, there are always special touches that are both simple and affordable to make that anyone, including overnight guests, feel especially welcome this holiday season.  Here are some ideas to help you seem like the ultimate host or hostess.
Is your porch welcoming?  It’s easy to get used to how our entry way looks. If there’s clutter on the porch, we may not notice, but a guest probably will. Spend 15 minutes a day tidying if doing it all at once seems overwhelming. Remember to sweep away any cobwebs and put away those Halloween decorations.  A pretty plant or an inexpensive door decoration with spruce up that entrance in a flash!
Does your entryway look (and smell) nice? We also get used to how our home smells. If you have pets, guests may notice a slight “doggy” or “kitty odor” if they don’t have pets of their own. A simple, inexpensive “fix” is an orange sachet.  Take an orange and pierce it in a pattern with a toothpick.  Insert whole cloves into each hole. Arrange clove decorated oranges in a bowl in your entry way and viola! Your entryway smells like the holidays in an instant.
 packages with ribbon, The Fix-It Professionals, John Silva
Say “Welcome to our home” elegantly. Tiny inexpensive gifts, festively wrapped, make a great decoration and can be a simple, yet elegant way to say “welcome.”  Small boxes of chocolates, soap or other consumable sundries can be wrapped in bright gift wrap and displayed in a beautiful basket or bowl.  We think ‘consumable’ is best, because you never know who feels like they already have “too much stuff.”
Do you have special comforts for overnight guests?  Nothing says “I am so glad you’re staying with us tonight” like the little things. Extra throws and pillows on the guest bed will keep guests feeling cozy, no matter how low you set that thermostat at night.  Consider having bottled water and snacks available in the guest room. Your guests will enjoy the convenience and won’t have to worry about waking you up in the middle of the night if they’re craving a “midnight snack.”
Is the bathroom welcoming?  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to brighten up your bath and make guests feel pampered.  Special soap, scented candles and freshly washed fluffy towels will do the trick.  Consider purchasing travel toothpaste and brush just in case something is forgotten.
Where will guests put their clothes? That can be the million dollar question if your guest room is designated for other uses.  Now is a great time to check and see if there’s space for guests to hang clothes and stow their bags.I highly recommend, if you have a bar for hanging clothes in the closet that has been unused for a time, that you test it and make sure it will support weight.
There is nothing more embarrassing than having a guest attempt to hang up an outfit and bang! The clothes rod comes crashing down. Well, nothing except…
gutters dripping, The Fix-It Professionals, John SilvaWhat if it rains? Are your gutters cleared out? There is little more embarrassing than your guest being awakened by rain sheeting off of the roof because gutters are clogged up. The only thing worse might be if they’re awakened by the drip drip drip of a leak caused by that clogged up gutter! Now (before the rains really set in) is a great time to get those gutters cleared out.
If your guest closet needs a new clothes rod, you need help storing stuff in the attic to make room for guests OR you need help clearing out your gutter, we can help!  Read on for our November “Home For the Holidays” special.

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