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Hot New Designs for Outdoor Living

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Trends and Design Ideas for Making the Most of your Outdoor Spaces

Many of us don’t follow what is happening in design for homes – it is seen as the purview of professional designers and decorators. But there are some exciting new trends happening now that are perfect for creating unusual yet fully functional living spaces out of doors. Industrial designs,>>>>> translated and transformed for home use, indoors and out, are both startling and beautiful in their simplicity. The collage to the right shows some of the newest designs from Italy, Germany and Japan. Inexpensive reproductions of these pieces can be found in many stores in the USA.

What exactly is Industrial Design? It is a simplistic design, of sturdy materials such as are used in industry. Stainless steel, teak or bamboo, streamlined and esthetically enhanced to be functional in homes, it is both applied art and applied science. Usually very durable, and low maintenance, the initial cost may be higher, but the beauty and ongoing usefulness will make it worth the cost. Since an outdoor environment should be one of comfort and “eye candy,” the use of well designed elements is crucial to the over all look. New materials in barbecues, for example, make them more durable and less work. And since you don’t want to spend hours on upkeep, such streamlined, functional materials will really be great for outdoor use.

Fireplaces, kitchens (with brick pizza ovens),
dramatic natural, casual outdoor “living rooms” and a transformation of the American backyard are all trends that are overtaking our consciousness. Many of us are moving away from the traditional lawn and ho-hum, boring conventional landscapes, and exploring new ways to expand our indoor living spaces into our yardscape. We are finally realizing that by utilizing our patios, decks, and pool surrounds for living, we are enabling ourselves to double our living space overall! If you want to raise the value of your home, you need to begin to evaluate ways to add structural interest and comfort to your yard areas – including side yards and covered porches.

More and More, upholstered furniture is the name of the game outdoors. Updated fabrics are virtually weatherproof, and in warmer climes can create a year round ambiance for your outdoor living spaces. In addition to pizza ovens and fireplaces/fire-pits, do consider plenty of seating that embraces the elements of weatherproof fabric, in the colors and patterns that are an extension of your living rooms indoors. Other factors to consider are fans, either the ceiling type in patio covers or cabanas, and water mister systems, that help cool off your yard. These items are readily available, at most home or lumber type hardware stores. Flexibility is also very important – have tables and chairs that are easily moved, to follow the shade! Keep extra cushions and folding or stacking chairs around for extra guests.

Another important element is a sink or wet bar. Even if you do not serve alcohol, it is nice to have a centralized area with a bar refrigerator, to serve sodas and iced tea. Plan on buying sturdy plastic bar-ware, and avoid disposables which are not at all environmentally friendly! The key in creating your outdoor space is to make it as self-contained and functional as possible, with no in and out of the house scurrying required. These can be purchased, built with brick or made with wood.

The most important factor remains being aware of your family’s needs and wants; to create a space that speaks not only to comfort, but to as much use as possible. Create a space you will USE, day in and day out, for family, friends, and for yourself.

(Let us help you with your outdoor living needs, especially electrical. We are licensed and insured ! Need outside electrical for your new equipment? We can add it. Need a raised flower bed? We can build that too! Need a wet bar? Let us make it for you!)


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