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Growing as a Company, Growing as People

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Who we are, and what we do!

Is your business or personal life growing, changing or shifting? Are there days when it feels as if your life is just one big maze? Are you making the necessary changes in your home or business to keep up with the times? Have you changed your environment to reflect who you are? Do you have things surrounding you which no longer serve you?

Let’s face it, most of us get used to doing things in a particular fashion. Often we do not recognize when it is no longer working for us. Or we believe it is a temporary phase that we are going through. Yet, many times it is a sign that we must change the way we do things or add something to the mix.

The Fix-it Professionals is growing, and as our business expands, our individual offerings increase, providing our clientele an on-going, extensive array of possibilities. We are continually asking ourselves, “What can we do, be or offer to help YOU, our customer, today?”

How you see us, as a business, is important to us. As with many of you, we too want to expand our approach to cover all aspects of life and well-being. With this in mind, we want to share with you our newest development which can be encompassed in this statement: “John helps fix and repair people’s homes, Joan helps fix and repair people’s lifestyles.” As a full spectrum fix-it business, we want to align our thinking with yours – what can we do to make your home more functional, and your life more enjoyable?

What we have come to realize is that what affects one, affects the other. If your home is in disrepair, often so is some aspect of your life as well. In other words, one mirrors the other. Knowing this, we felt it would be beneficial to assist in both of those areas to help you get exactly what you want!

Most of you know that John is the one who wields the hammer, climbs the ladder and wires your home. Less easily defined is Joan’s role in the business. Besides being John’s partner, Joan helps promote and market the business, lining up and fine-tuning handyman and Electrical jobs. Joan is expanding her role, reaching out more and more as a “lifestyle makeover specialist.”

What does that mean? It means that as you work on your home, and adjust your life to meet the goals you have for it, Joan can help you determine how best to achieve those goals. Do you need to change your focus to encompass lifestyle changes due to downsizing, retirement or job changes? Joan has the skills, background and education to help you accomplish the financial, lifestyle and personal aspirations you have for yourself, your relationship and your family.

How do these different elements of The Fix-it Professionals combine to help you with all the elements of your life for which you desire change? Here is an expanded concept of what you might be thinking now. Your children have grown, and are off establishing themselves in the world. You want to downsize, but you love your home. What can you do to make your home more functional now? What things are you desirous of accomplishing? Do you want to entertain more? Be outdoors more? Take on a new job, or expand an existing one? Do you want to travel? How are all these factors going to evolve for you?

Our goals, as a company, are to help you reach the balance and comfort you want in your home, and in your life. Do you wish to see changes in your home environment? Your finances? Your lifestyle? Together, as a couple, The Fix-it Professionals, can bring into line the immediate needs of home repairs and electrical maintenance with future ones, such as readjusting your perspective on money, time and personal interests to create a composite whole that will nourish body AND soul. The inner you and the outer you!

Our newsletters are one of the ways that we share this aspect with you each week, helping to create the home and lifestyle that you desire to bring to fruition. Let us know how we may be of service to you. As I mentioned in our personal segment above, our goal is to serve!

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