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Fix-it Yourself or Not?

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The true question that each of us must ask when dealing with home or office repairs is whether to fix-it yourself or not. Most of us do not have the time or talent to do so, and yet, to save money, we give it the “good ole’ college try.” Sometimes we do it ourselves because we like the challenge. However, in most cases it can, at best, end in unfinished projects or at worst, in disaster.

In our fix-it business we’ve seen some of those disasters. One example, was a chandelier that was installed by a not-so-handy family member. It was an expensive light fixture and suddenly it dropped from the ceiling onto the table. Thankfully, no one was under it at the time, not to mention the exposed wires hanging there in the ceiling!

I am sure the family member thought it was an easy, piece of cake installation to put up the ceiling fixture. However, even if you think so from watching many home improvement shows, it isn’t always as easy as it looks. The major issue is the weight of the fixture. Can the ceiling handle the weight? Or do you need to put extra bracing up in the ceiling to hold it? The other question to ask is whether the wiring is up to code or able to handle the electrical current required of the new fixture.

We encourage you to get expert, professional help instead of doing it yourself. When it comes to safety, yours and your family, it is far more important to be safe than to save a few cents doing it yourself. Where this is particularly important is in electrical work where sparks, shorts and over loaded circuits can be of particular danger. Be sure to hire a licensed electrician who carries liability insurance to do any electrical work in your home or office. If you end up with a fire or an electrical short, who pays the price? You do. It just isn’t worth your safety to save a few pennies to do it yourself.

Hire someone who knows what they are doing. Let that knowledgeable expert share their brilliance and talent by doing the work they love doing and spend YOUR time doing what you were meant to do and what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Let’s share our talents, help each other thrive and be our best.

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