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Finish Up That Fall To-Do List

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Continuing our theme from last time, here are some more items for your fall to-do checklist:

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Do you still have your handy rot-detecting hammer? Check all the exposed wood in your eaves and along the edge of your roof, especially the soffit panels and rafters where they touch the rain gutters. If the wood goes “thunk” instead of making the nice sharp “whack” of a solid wood board, you’ve got rot. If you punch a hole in the wood with the hammer, you’ve really got trouble!

Speaking of gutters, now is the best time to install gutter strainers and guards, before the fall leaves start to hit your roof. Clean out the gutters and downspouts (check for bird and animal nests too!), then get the guards in place. If you’re finding a lot of rot in the wood where the gutters touch, spacer blocks may help prevent more damage by allowing air flow between the boards and the gutters.

Like your downspouts, attic vent openings can become blocked by nests, leaves, pine needles, or even stray plant vines. Once they’re clean and clear, make sure the vents and/or attic fans are working properly. Inside the attic, look for signs of roof or flashing leaks on rafters and insulation, and get those repairs made now before it rains.

Another important job that should be done before it rains is resealing the driveway. In fact, it’s best to do this even before the leaves start to fall so that you can keep the area clear of leaves, acorns, pine needles, and other debris. Use crack sealer on large cracks, pothole patch on big problem areas, then top the whole thing off with a nice smooth layer of fresh sealant.

outdoor plugs, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsOutdoor Electrical
Check your outdoor outlets, conduit, and outlet covers for cracks before it rains — water and electrical wiring do not mix! Check the condition of your phone box too, if you have access to it. Spiders seem to like hanging out inside outlet and phone boxes, so be careful when you open them up. 

The fun part of checking your outdoor wiring is getting ready for holiday light displays. Did you have enough outlets last year, where you needed them to be located? This is the perfect time to install more so you don’t have to run a bunch of ugly and dangerous extension cords all over. Check that all of your outlets are working correctly too so you’ll be all set to create the perfect haunted Halloween yard or magical Christmas wonderland.

The Fix-It Professionals can help you with all these tasks and more. Let us help you get your fall maintenance check list finished before the rains come. Just give us a call.

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