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Does Your Home Need to Go On an Energy Diet this Summer?

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surprised girl john silva the fix it professionalsAh summer! A time when, at last your power bill will go down as you enjoy the great outdoors. You skip merrily to the mail box and discover the power bill. Eagerly you open the envelope and…what the???
Why the heck is the power bill that high?
These days with all of the gadgets and modern conveniences, you just may be using as much power as you did in the winter. While it’s true that your air conditioner is a large portion of your summer bill, you may not realize that there are some other summer power guzzlers too.
Here are some ways to put your energy bill on a diet and beat the heat too!
Use Your Windows! On hot days you can regulate the temperature in your home with the judicious use of windows. In the morning, as the heat begins to pick up, close your windows and draw the blinds. This helps keep the heat outside and relies on your home’s insulation to keep the temperature steady. In the evening, after it cools off, open the windows and allow the cooler outside air inside. This works even better if you can create a cross draft by opening windows at either end of your home.
Handy Hint: If you can feel hot air around your window, insulation will help keep the heat outside. OR you may want to consider installing new double or triple paned windows to keep the heat outside in the summer and inside during the winter.
Pretend Your Dryer Is Broken! Hang your laundry to dry instead.
Handy Hint: If you’re not lucky enough to be able to hang laundry outside, consider using space in your garage. Whether it’s inside or out, clotheslines can be a hassle to hang. Consider calling in some expert help!
Channel Your Inner Casablanca – Ceiling fans are a low energy way to circulate the  air in your home. Properly installed, a ceiling fan john silva the fix it professionalsfan is quiet, energy efficient and quite charming!
Handy Hint: Properly installed is the key. Be absolutely sure that you use all of the suggested hardware – AND a fan bracket. Screws and fixtures meant to hang stationary items will not hold up to the movement of a fan. When in doubt, don’t risk your safety – call an expert.
Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Properly Maintained. An annual inspection will do wonders for keeping your unit in tip top condition. Be sure to replace or clean the air filter and regularly vacuum the registers to prevent dust build up. And, be sure to keep appliances that may give off heat (such as a lamp or television) away from the thermostat.
Handy Hint: If you need to move an appliance but don’t have an outlet in the right place – do not try to install it yourself. Hire a licensed electrician. (Fortunately, you already know one! Me!)
Don’t Heat Your Home With Lighting or Hot Appliances. During the heat of the day, turn off lights and avoid running appliances such as the dishwasher, dryer or oven. You would be surprised how much heat a desk lamp will give off!
computer screen john silva the fix it professionalsAnother easy way to reduce power usage is installing a power strip with an on/off switch for you lights and appliances. Did you know that most appliances never really turn off? They’re on “standby mode” draining power, even if you’re not using them. By plugging them into a power strip and turning the power strip off when you’re done, you will be able to turn your appliances fully off.
Handy Hint: There probably isn’t anything less fun than crawling around on your hands and knees to install the power strip, gather the cords, figure out what goes to what and then plug it all in.  
Consider hiring someone handy to do it for you. You’ll save your knees and you won’t risk bumping your head on that desk! Besides, who wants to work hard putting your home on a diet?  Let me help you instead. Perhaps my June Offer will entice you! (Click here)  

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