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Donating Our Time and Visiting Loved Ones

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The weekend was a busy one for us. John was donating his time to his Lion’s club fundraiser, at their annual crab feed and Joan was visiting her mother in Auburn, California. The weather was foggy and overcast for most of the time. Yet that did not stop either one of us from enjoying the weekend. In fact, on her way home, Joan went to a very enjoyable breakfast with her mother and a family friend at High-Hand Conservatory and Restaurant which is located in Loomis California. If you are ever in Loomis, it’s a fabulous place to stop by for a meal, a visit to their art gallery or to wander through their nursery. It inspires anyone who visits with the desire to add color, live plants, art or other outdoor energy to their home.

The High-Hand nursery was not as colorful this time of year, yet it was still lovely even in winter. It reminds us that that very soon springtime will be upon us and with that comes the urge to plant flowers, spruce up the yard and do spring cleaning indoors. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about storage ideas, such as shelving, in preparation of the spring to come? Begin now to set up space to organize your garage, closets, laundry room or other storage areas.

Enjoy this week’s Fix-It Tip on Storage. It’s a great time to get going on that!

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