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Does Your Home Reflect Your Personality?

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Personalized sign, John Silva, The Fix-It ProfessionalsDo your guests seemed surprised when they visit your home for the first time? You know the look. As soon as they step in the door they look around, then they look at you and glance around again, finally uttering, “Wow. I like your house.” It’s not that your home is a mess, or even poorly decorated. Your guests are sensing a disconnect between the person whom they know and the visual that your home presents. In our next issue we’ll talk about solutions to this problem, but first it’s important to recognize some of the subtle (and not so subtle) signs of a home that doesn’t “fit.” Here are some signs that your home may need a personality makeover.

Did you have a designer create your home’s “look”( or did you create one out of a magazine)?
While most designers say they create a style that reflects the client’s personality, some are more successful than others. Most designers do a lovely job making a home look beautiful, but often it’s more of a reflection of the designer’s taste not the homeowner and magazines certainly go for the more “one size fits all style.” Is there any part of the interior design of your home that’s nice, but just doesn’t feel like “you?”

Do you feel like you’re walking into a hotel?
Many homeowners strive for that “spa” look, but what’s achieved instead is the look of a nice hotel. Clean and neat, with absolutely no flair. If your living room reminds you of a small version of the local 4 star hotel lobby, it may be time to add some personal touches. If your home has no special or personal items on display this may be a symptom of “hotel-it is.”

Aztec white – it’s no longer what goes on the wallscolor wheel, John Silva, The Fix-It Professionals
If your walls are STILL that funny color of white, you probably know how outdated they are. Nothing says “I don’t want to think about color” than white walls. If today’s trends of bold bright colors with accents of neutrals frighten you a little, that’s OK. Trendy isn’t for everyone. If you’re wondering what kinds of colors would look good on your walls, ask yourself, “what colors do I like?” If you’re still at a loss, open up your closet and look inside. The colors you’re naturally drawn to in fashion are what you like – and will probably look good on your walls too.

Is everything on your walls square?
If you’re the matchy matchy type this may work for you, but if there’s something bothering you about all of those angles, perhaps your wall décor needs a change, Or if the “art” on your wall was something cheap you bought in college to take up wall space, but you don’t love it, maybe it’s time for something new.

And speaking of purchases from long ago, have you gone old couch blind? Often when furnishings are nearing the end of their lifespan, we don’t notice because we see them every day. Grab a note pad and pen. Take a walk around your home looking through the eyes of a stranger. How is that chair holding up? Is it looking tired? When did you buy that table? Is it still to your taste or are you just tolerating it?

Spend the next few days gathering your thoughts and observations. In our next issue we’ll give you some ideas for bringingthe list, John Silva, The Fix-It Professional more personality into your home. Meanwhile, while you’re thinking, did you find anything that needs repair? What about that broken cabinet door or that toilet that runs in the middle of the night? The Fix-It Professionals love doing those little “honey-do” jobs that you keep putting off.  

Call us today to get those bothersome problems taken care of so you can focus on more important things. Read on for our April 16 – 30th Special.


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