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Do You Need to Nudge Someone In Your Life?

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What are You Waiting for to Get Things Done?

Are you waiting for someone or something to happen in order to get things done? Have the lists been growing with all the things that are in disrepair or unfinished? Would you just hire it out if you had the cash flow to do so? Do you need to nudge someone to get it done? Maybe that someone is you?

For most of us, the “to-do” lists or the “honey-do” lists are a constant, ubiquitous presence in our lives. After all, in order for our lives to function, and for the different elements to work together, home, work, family and social lives, they need to be managed. Not to mention, shared with other family members and partners, to create a task list that everyone can utilize. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same commitments, vision or the same dedication to completing the necessary chores!

So here comes the nudge! As with the mama Elephant in my graphic, a gentle, loving push can often propel partners or off-spring in the right direction! One mistake we make, as women, is assuming that the same motivations work for everyone or that everyone involved wants the same thing! Not true! Many children, especially older children, are motivated by money, (an allowance, a fee-per-task, etc.) but when dealing with adult partners, the dynamics are often harder to gauge. Are they motivated by financial rewards, status, praise and acknowledgment, competition, perfectionism, or possibly results? It is as varied as the number of people on the planet. So discussion and conversation is crucial to understanding the part that all household members play in making tasks reach completion!

The architecture of your nudges is incredibly important. The problems, concerns, tasks and ongoing household chores are not created in a vacuum, or by one person alone. Therefore, it only makes sense that it is a collective decision to work on problem areas, and get such jobs completed. Unfortunately, “reason” or “sense” have little value in dealing with personalities. That leads us to the most critical and important first suggestion, which is to have a meeting of the minds! It can be around the dinner table, a casual coffee date to discuss things,  over the telephone or a formalized weekly or monthly discussion.

By definition, a nudge is a gentle push in the right direction. It follows a logical pattern, with the concept that the task being nudged on is a necessary, lifestyle-supporting need. In the fix-it world, this can include on-going maintenance, routine yearly chores, onetime fix-its such as electrical repairs or home improvement projects, such as a new deck, or replaced siding. Knowing the elements which surround your nudges, help make your nudges count, and as a result, get the tasks completed in a timely manner.

Time management, as well as money management, is a vital part of any nudge. I suggestthat you get a notebook specifically designated for your honey-do list. (By the way, you do not need to have a ‘honey’ to have one of these lists!) Do NOT use scraps of paper scattered hither and yon, or computerized notes that require being on a computer versus one-on-one with each other! A notebook with a bright cover is great – and one with divisions (tabs or cardboard dividers) works quite well. Here are some suggestions for the sections – to encompass your lifestyle needs, your home tasks, and your ongoing household brainstorming.

Top Priority –>  Examples might be a leaking roof, a running toilet, or find a good handyman! In other words, things that need to be done NOW!

Brainstorming –> Results of household discussions

Budgets –> This section may include budgets per task, chore, project or household. Add critical notes about the budget too!

Odds & Ends –> Anything that doesn’t fit the other categories

Repairs –> Everything from fix the screen the dog ran through to change the knob on the door

Replacements –> Replace the carpeting, put in a new deck, replace the door, put in a new toilet, etc.

Tasks or Chore List –> For specific people (i.e. John, refinish table, Joan, get new business by marketing & networking!)

Wish List –> You must always have a wish list, otherwise life just isn’t much fun!

The next critical step is to discuss, share, brainstorm and itemize your lists – with input from everyone concerned. It simply doesn’t work to present people (adults or children) with demands. Having a vested interest in the task, in the completion, and in the result is crucial to a satisfactorily functional to-do list!

By the way, in case you didn’t think of it already, be sure to do this step with your friendly handyman! After all, they are on your team too. Often we find that the vision is unclear to the handyman, making it a frustration for you. If you want your vision to come true, then discuss, share, brainstorm and itemize with your Fix-It Professional! The results will dramatically improve the outcome!

Often, all it truly takes to get things done, is to do the process above, especially if you let your imaginations soar, creative solutions evolve and allow everyone to have input. Most times it is that simple nudge of creativity, dreaming and allowing which gets things rolling on having the life of your dreams, living in the home of your imaginings.

Concerned about making YOUR to-do lists functional, and getting tasks done? Contact The Fix-it Professionals. We would be glad to work with you on developing and repairing the household fix-it portions of your lists, and remember, Joan, as a Lifestyle Makeover Specialist, can help you bring all the elements of your life together.

Let John and Joan be part of YOUR team!

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