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Dare to Dream Part 2

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Decorating Trends for 2012, Part 2

Strangely enough, January is nearly finished in this new 2012 year. Have you started putting together a redecorating plan to convert your home into your dream home? In our last issue, we touched on colors, styles and fabrics that are trending this year. In this issue, we’ll share what we’ve learned about furniture and accessories that are supposed to be HOT in 2012.

Furniture: For dining tables, coffee tables, end tables and even desks–wood, glass and metal will be trendy this year, along with tufted furniture (chairs, sofas, headboards). Our research indicates that designers and decorators will be using more lightweight furniture over large, heavy pieces, the use of mirrors in furniture will be in (in accessories and accents, sure, but furniture?), oak will be making a comeback, and we’ll see more French influence and curved furniture legs. Upholstered furniture will have fewer prints and more texture. Woods will move away from dark tones like mahogany to lighter and more mid-toned woods, like natural cherry and natural walnut. Bulky couches will give way to those with lower seats and backs, pieces easily movable so they can be clustered together in conversational groupings.

Home Decor and Accessories: Metal wall art and wall sculptures will continue to be popular in multiple designs, colors and styles, as well as standing metal sculptures.

Mirrors in all sizes (especially large), shapes, colors and materials will be widely used as decor, including mirrored tiles and mirrored wallpaper. Glass in the form of vases, sculptures and wall hangings, including stained glass and decorative glass, are trending this year.

As mentioned in the last issue, bright colors are definitely in (including neon), and that includes using bright colors as accent pieces: artwork, pillows, wall art and paintings. Natural stone is also trending this year, in furniture and home decor.

Keep in mind, especially as you work within your budget, that you can occasionally find wonderful pieces of furniture and home decor at consignment and thrift stores.  Sometimes a coat of paint or a good cleaning or re-staining will render a fabulous piece for your home.  If you watch any of the design shows on TV, they often do this very thing to keep their costs down.

Decorating is such a personal thing — it is easy to feel that “anything goes.”  Our decorating themes, ideas and trends do seem to bounce back like boomerangs, and continue to circulate over time (after all, look at our clothing and hairstyles).  Our research even found contradiction among designers, so don’t worry about feeling confused.  Have fun creating your dream home based on what is “hot” and trendy for you, and enjoy living in your personalized space!

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