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Creating the Heart of Your Home

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Do You Know Where Yours Is?

Have you heard the expression “kitchens are the heart of the home?” For some, that may be true. But for some of us, it is a bit harder to define where the “heart” of our home resides. And therein lies the problem, for without a vision and plan for our homes, a place  to meet with family and friends, our houses are just houses, not homes. Keeping up with fix-it repairs and remodeling is one way to focus your attention on creating the environment of welcome, comfort and security.

As you read this article, think a bit about where you go in your home to find that sense of heartfelt belonging. It may indeed be your kitchen, especially if you have a kitchen / family room sort of set up. Do you have a place your family gathers to talk, to be together, to socialize?

Maybe it is your dining room table that attracts family – sitting around after a good meal, talking, reminiscing, planning, sharing. If this resonates with you, take a look at that space. Look at the furnishings, and their placement. Take an unbiased look at your wall color, your lighting schemes and the actual placement of your dining area. One young family of our acquaintance had both a formal dining room and a large kitchen dining area. They decided to expand their kitchen into the formal dining room area, leaving only the kitchen area. It has been a boon for them – for it is the place they gather with friends and family. Would such an approach work for you?

For some, it is the family room, a room with comfortable chairs, good lighting a nd a place (or three!) for knick-knacks, books, family mementos, with a sense of peace and relaxation. In smaller homes, there may be only one living area, not separate living and family rooms. If you have both, do you gravitate to one room more than the other? Does it change with the seasons? Perhaps you have a fireplace in one room that appeals to you in the cooler months? Or maybe one room has a spectacular view that you enjoy in the spring and summer. Take the time to analyze your family’s lifestyle, hobbies, schedules and interests, and incorporate those things into one room in your home where you can be together.

We all need downtime, and alone time. Our bedrooms, a den or office, or even a little-used guest room can be ideal for that. But it is easier to create those spaces than it is to find family space. Whether you are single and love to entertain, or you have a large family, you want those times to flow easily and with a friendly, happy ambiance. Keeping up with home repairs, having a list of improvements at hand, and working to create a comfortable lifestyle are so important in times of economic downturns, when our homes become our havens.

Make YOUR home a place you and your family want to be. Update lighting, change wall color, re-purpose rooms to get the most out of your space. Need some help or some ideas? View our blog, or contact Joan, as a Lifestyle Makeover Specialist, to help you create the vision and bring it to fruition.

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