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Are You Thinking INSIDE the Box!

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Is Your Yard Looking Its Best?

In this day and age, we are often encouraged to let our imaginations go, and think outside the box – the box being “conventional” thought. But today we are here to tell you about Thinking INSIDE the Box – planter boxes that is! One of the most dynamic and creative ideas for your backyard is the creation of raised garden beds and planter boxes. It is a way to separate areas in your yard, create easy-to-maintain gardening areas, and, at the same time, provide seating and an ambiance for entertaining that will make your yard a hot spot for friends and family!

Envision . The first step is to envision where you might place planter boxes and raised beds. One helpful hint would be to look at your yard from INSIDE your house. Look out your windows that face your yard, and view things “at a distance.” Maybe take a photo or two of the area. Many times a photo reveals more than the naked eye!

Evaluate. Next, evaluate your wants when it comes to gardens. Do you enjoy gardening? Do you want low-maintenance planting? Where could you use more seating, more planting areas, or more form and shape? What about your lifestyle, and your entertainment needs, as well as your desire for more planned gardening space? All of these goals are well within your reach with raised beds and planters.

Plan. Almost all raised beds and planter boxes can be planned and built with seating, giving you a multi-purpose use and expanding the enjoyment of your yardscape. One of the most convenient forms of planter boxes can be used either as a part of your deck or along your paths. Variations can include trellises for climbing plants, and storage benches (with end planter boxes) for cushion storage.

Moreover, the great things about raised beds and planter boxes is that they can be built in whatever configuration works for you. Whether you like to Do-It-Yourself, or want to have the beds built for you, designs and plans are easy to come by. They are limited only by your space and your imagination! Paint, stain, and varieties of wood can all contribute to making your chosen beds or boxes unique and original.

Plant. Besides deciding the configuration of your beds and boxes, based on your space and needs, you will also need to consider what you want to plant. Do you want to plant perennials? Bulbs? (Those are plants that come back year after year.) Do you want a vegetable garden? A herb bed? A flower garden? (Some of those plants will be annuals that have to be replanted each year.) These factors may affect the depth of your boxes. Roses, for example, need a hole 15″ deep, and 18″ wide.

Enjoy. Planter boxes and raised beds can be such a fun project – enlivening your yard, and creating space for beauty and relaxation as well. You can work with what already exists in your yard, addingplanter boxes and raised garden beds as you need or want them. The greatest advantage about them is that they can be used year after year, and with good maintenance, will add value to your home. What’s not to like! Think of the ongoing enjoyment for you, your family and friends!

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