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A Shelf for Everything and Everything On Its Shelf

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Do you have stacks of books without a “home?” Or maybe you’re using temporary shelving libooks, John Silva, The Fix it Professionalske cinderblocks and plywood. When it’s time for an “upgrade” it’s not too hard to channel your inner carpenter. While building a shelving unit from scratch might feel like a big project (especially if you’re a busy person) here are some ideas that will save time, space and get you started.
1. Look up!
Most closets have a great deal of space above the clothes bars. This is the perfect place for “hidden storage.” Properly mounted, sturdy shelves can hold everything from books or old LP’s (remember those?) to linens, seasonal decorations and more. The sky and your imagination is the limit!
2. And while you’re in there…
Is there room at the ends of your closet for shelves? Chances are there’s wall space on either side of the closet. These end spaces are a great place for shelves for shoes, pillows, blankets, and yes, books!
  3. What about under the window?
book shelves, John Silva, The Fix it ProfessionalsImagine creating a cozy window seat! If you’ve got windows that are not too high off the floor, then you can create a book nook! Under the window, build two rows of study shelves and create seating on top! You can use ready made cushions or pads, or you can get “fancy” and make your seating upholstered. All you need now is a nice cup of tea! Ahhh.

4. Stairs and landings
These can be clutter areas OR you could create a statement with a bold,  beautiful bank of shelves filled with books at the top of your stairs or on a landing. Adjustable brackets are easier to install when building a shelving project with multiple shelves. This makes your project more versatile too. Worried about whether or not it will really be beautiful? Here are some tips to  make sure they are.
When using plywood, apply iron-on edge banding. This is a veneer that can be purchased at home centers. It’s as easy as it sounds. Iron it on to the ends, trim off the excess and voila! Beautiful ends.
Polyurethane Trim. Also at home centers, this trim can be cut stapled, nailed, glued and painted just like wood. It’s an easy way to add elegance to your “top of the stars” project.
Remember it’s a focal point not an eyesore. Use contrasting paint or stain to make it stand out and look like a beautiful decorative piece.

5. Or you can make it simple.box shelves, John Silva, The Fix it Professionals
Of course you could just go out and BUY a book case or cabinet, but remember safety first! We’re in earthquake country so please remember to anchor any cabinetry or shelving units to your walls. If you have carpeting, wait until the case has settled into the carpet before screwing it to the studs in the wall. If you want to be able to move the bookcase without unscrewing it, consider using chain latches. Fasten the chains to your studs with 2-1/2-in. coarse-thread screws. Position the tracks so there will be just enough slack in the chains for you to detach them.
If all that sounds like too much work (especially in the heat of summer) we’re here to help! We can mount those shelves, anchor your cabinets and more! Our July special will let us help you without breaking the bank.  

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